2nd Prize: Gossip Girl

For @therealbrigeedarocks! I was asked to do a story set in her FFH universe, which honestly was a lot of fun (I sure hope I got my facts right o: ). Hope you like it!

( FFH on DA ) ( @askfarfromhome )

Tapered, elegant fingers brushed across the black and white keys. Expert hands moved with the rhythm and she swayed in time, her own metronome. When she closed her eyes, she could imagine it, a concert hall with nothing on the stage but her and the piano. She’d played nothing but sold out shows for years.

When she opened her eyes again, vertical bars of clean, dull metal greeted her on the other side of the plain piano. The notes she played became more percussive as the melody crescendoed. It was her attack on the house-sized cage around her, the only weapon she had.

A voice in the hall caught her attention and the song faltered away. Mindy turned on the bench to watch as, on the other side of the living room, the flat’s door opened to admit a giant twelve times her size.

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