First Prize: Quill

This one was a lot of fun. I haven’t brought Quill out in a very long time, but he seemed to fit quite well with the requested prompt for this story.  I hope to do more stories about his shenanigans in the future. Let me know if there is any interest!

The first prize for my Food Day Contest, as requested by . They requested a story like the lion and the mouse: in which the little guy is afraid of the bigger guy, but in the end comes to their aid. Hope I did it justice! 

Not Good. Very not good.

Quill leapt over a book on the floor, the pages crumpled and spine facing up. His hand brushed the embossed title as he slipped less than an inch over it and stumbled on the other side of the tome. Something crashed as he regained his momentum and ran. There had to be a place in the study that he could hide.

It looked like a study, anyway. Bookshelves from floor to faraway ceiling, thick carpet worn with age, an enormous work desk cluttered with papers.

His pen was still up on that desk, but he didn’t see himself having a chance to retrieve it. Considering how alarmed his current adversary had been to see him, he doubted the guy would allow him to just stroll back onto the desk like he owned the place.

It wasn’t his fault he’d fallen into existence right there and then. Quill had no control over that sort of thing.

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Third Prize: My Hero

The time has come to start posting the prizes for my Food Day Contest. In third place, we had nightmarejasmine , who requested a story with Elias Dawn and Eral the Arbor Pixie.

Some jokes just aren’t funny. As a demigod of mischief, Elias could attest to the fact that not everyone knew where that line was drawn. There was an art to it, a skill in doing no real harm with a trick. Sure, his trickster side sometimes almost went too far. Sometimes the temptation grew to cause more trouble than anyone deserved. But he never actually crossed that line, not when he was in control.

When the fellow at the bar raised his glass in a fake-drunk salute, Elias’ trickster side perked right up.

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First Prize: The Swap

For @torchmlp.

They won my Oscar Halloween Contest an age ago and requested a body swap story with Jacob and Sam, set in the Brothers Found AU (created by myself and the wonderful @nightmares06  and you can find more info @brothersapart).

This one is set not long after the first installment of that AU (and well before Jacob in Wonderland … for reasons). Shenanigans are unavoidable with a body swap and these poor dorks have a lot to navigate here. And of course, I had to end it off on the cheesiest note possible.

( Link to full story )

The night after a hunt was always the toughest part to adjust to. The bone-deep exhaustion clung after finding the latest monster and killing it before it could hurt anyone else. Jacob was glad Sam always convinced Dean to let him stay in the motel room for a night after the fact.

He was new to this. He had a lot to learn, but after reuniting the four-inch-tall Sam Winchester with his brother, Jacob’s eyes were open to the job. They could help people. He could help people.

Like he’d helped Dean get his little brother back after years not knowing he was even alive.

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2nd Prize: Gossip Girl

For @therealbrigeedarocks! I was asked to do a story set in her FFH universe, which honestly was a lot of fun (I sure hope I got my facts right o: ). Hope you like it!

( FFH on DA ) ( @askfarfromhome )

Tapered, elegant fingers brushed across the black and white keys. Expert hands moved with the rhythm and she swayed in time, her own metronome. When she closed her eyes, she could imagine it, a concert hall with nothing on the stage but her and the piano. She’d played nothing but sold out shows for years.

When she opened her eyes again, vertical bars of clean, dull metal greeted her on the other side of the plain piano. The notes she played became more percussive as the melody crescendoed. It was her attack on the house-sized cage around her, the only weapon she had.

A voice in the hall caught her attention and the song faltered away. Mindy turned on the bench to watch as, on the other side of the living room, the flat’s door opened to admit a giant twelve times her size.

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3rd Prize: Saving Sammy

For @not-your-everyday-smol , here we have a story about a giant Dean Winchester rescuing his little brother from some mean government types. Inspired by the Deanzilla fanfiction. Hope you enjoy it!

The building was hard to find, he’d admit. It took Dean a while, but tracking was one lesson he’d kept from Bobby taking them out game hunting as kids.

Some of the same techniques worked now that Dean was giant.

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