Muunfel Lore Bits #1

Angels, as have been touched on before, are the umbrella category for any beings created by a god or gods for a particular task. It’s a broad term, but then being celestial is a broad implication. Some angels might even conflict with others, depending on the purposes they are designed for. Angels of death, for example, run counter to angels of protection.

Flying Sea Serpents are actually angels. Created by Cora, the goddess of water, and Sil, the goddess of air, their divine purpose is simple. They guard the sea and sky wherever they are placed. Their original purpose was to guard the shores of Muunfel, but many have been slain and their numbers are reduced.

Some gods are less likely than others to create angels. Others simply aren’t sure what to do with them. Wiavex, the god of souls, for example, has created one angel, unique in its shape, which has a very clouded purpose. It is simply a Soulgazer Beast, consigned to see the souls of mortals with no task to complete with the information it finds.


In Muunfel, an Angel is merely the name of a subservient psuedo-species created directly by one or more gods to act as their hand in some way. The somewhat common image of a humanoid with large feathered wings comes from the death god Cel’s usual corporeal form, and not from any particularly notable angels. His messengers do tend to take that form, as well, but there are many other kinds of angels (which, as creations of gods and not of any of the three energies, fall in the category of Mankind).

For example, Cora, the goddess of water, has created angels with the form of a sea serpent. The scales on these creatures can flip, and the undersides are mirrors that sometimes show things that aren’t really there. Sil, goddess of air, has created angels that whisper in the shadows where there is no wind.

Angels generally don’t have free will. They are made with a specific purpose in mind, and even if that purpose is not clear to those who meet them, they do operate on a pattern. Once they have fulfilled their purpose, they tend to develop some personality of their own, but they are still bound to the god(s) that created them.

Pantheon Spotlight: The Four

The Four are the gods of the four elements: Water, Fire, Air, and Earth. Each of these gods has a titan of the same element, gifts from Nature itself for their stewardship. The Four and their titans have begotten several notable demigods, some of which I will list here.

Cora, god of water, and her titan Purin

  • Naia, patron of rivers and lakes
  • Vorin, patron of fish and sea
  • Helban, patron of the deep
  • Tetro, patron of voyagers

Matton, god of fire, and his titan Basa

  • Edra, patron of scorched sands

Sil, god of air, and her titan Vant

  • Mervena, patron of fell wind

Kuro, god of earth, and his titan Liera

  • Yarrow, patron of trees and flowers
  • Xepher, patron of animals
  • Fiorebell, patron of plants and growth (deceased)

Kuro(god of earth) and Basa(titan of fire)

  • Ulain, patron of volcanoes