Happy Birthday to Oscar

Oscar’s birthday was on March 7th! Some lovely notes have come in for him:


Happy Birthday to the cutest smol Oz ❤



(meant to send this yesterday) Happy Brithday Oscar! Have cake!

“It’s … it’s my birthday already? You’re sure?” Oscar asked. He’d completely let it slip his mind. Not many things could sneak up on a master of stealth like him, but dates and holidays were a notable exception. He never remembered when Christmas or Easter was coming until they were there, much like his own birthday.

“That’s the truth, Oz,” Dean replied. He had leaned down on his crossed arms on the table, an attempt to be more at Oscar’s level. It didn’t completely work, but he could at least watch a smile grow on the little guy’s tiny face.

Sam already had his silver knife out of its sheath, but he offered it to Oscar instead. “We got it onto our calendar as soon as we knew. No more excuses to forget it!”

Oscar’s cheeks turned slightly pink. “Th-thanks!” He eyed the knife before taking it with reverence. Sam didn’t let that knife go very often, but one exception wouldn’t hurt. While Oscar hesitated with the knife over the miniature cake they’d brought him, he stammered out a defense of his own forgetfulness. “I-it’s not like I ever celebrated my birthday before. I’m usually too busy is all!”

“And miss out on cake?” Dean scoffed, even as Oscar finally cut into the little cake, an experience he’d never had a chance to try before. “We’re makin’ up for lost time, here.”

Oscar huffed, but didn’t let Dean’s teasing ruin his concentration. The first slice was a fourth of the whole cake, transferred onto a makeshift plate of aluminum foil. With it set aside, he offered it up to the full sized human and tried to ignore how small it looked. “W-well. Thanks again, guys. Better help me eat the cake, since you came all this way.”

Sam helped himself to his own more reasonable slice of cake while Dean accepted the small piece with a fingertip. Even then, they both waited for Oscar to have his own piece and try his first bite of birthday cake before having any for themselves.

“Happy birthday, Oscar.”

Made Up Title Game

Phoenix said: Made-Up title: Nope Nopity Nope Nope

I think this one would have to be set in the Brothers Found au, sometime after the events of Jacob in Wonderland.

Maybe it’s a dream, or maybe the trickster couldn’t resist coming back to poke at him, but it would start with Jacob finding himself at his extra-tiny size again, well after he was sure he’d never have to deal with that again. Between the terrifying flashbacks and the absurdity of trying to figure out what to do, it’d be a bit of a ride.

He’d wake up on his bed at home and his eyes would get super wide as he realized what happened. The mouse that he befriended during his misadventures would also be fretting for him as he tried to work out what to do. Can he call Sam and Dean? Can he even get to his phone, let alone open it to make a call?

Lucky his family would be out of the house to start with; he’d have some time to figure something out.

Have a Snickers



THIS STORY IS FREAKIN AWESOME and here’s my contribution :> (i know it sucks ok?)

ANYWAY FANART I GUESS of “Bigfoot’s A Hoax” by @brothersapart i just had to do this help

I posted the link of it a few days ago, you guys should check it out! It’s a great story with a really GREAT character sjkdskjdskj (sorry)

also ~

Dean, please

Just Another Day

Standalone thing. Sort of an alternate to Brothers Together I guess.

Oscar was happy. Happier than he’d been in a long time, recalling all the way back to that month of his childhood when they’d first stayed in the motel. He smiled, and warmth bloomed inside him that he didn’t know could exist anymore.

They were back. Sam and Dean were back with him.

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First Prize: The Swap

For @torchmlp.

They won my Oscar Halloween Contest an age ago and requested a body swap story with Jacob and Sam, set in the Brothers Found AU (created by myself and the wonderful @nightmares06  and you can find more info @brothersapart).

This one is set not long after the first installment of that AU (and well before Jacob in Wonderland … for reasons). Shenanigans are unavoidable with a body swap and these poor dorks have a lot to navigate here. And of course, I had to end it off on the cheesiest note possible.

( Link to full story )

The night after a hunt was always the toughest part to adjust to. The bone-deep exhaustion clung after finding the latest monster and killing it before it could hurt anyone else. Jacob was glad Sam always convinced Dean to let him stay in the motel room for a night after the fact.

He was new to this. He had a lot to learn, but after reuniting the four-inch-tall Sam Winchester with his brother, Jacob’s eyes were open to the job. They could help people. He could help people.

Like he’d helped Dean get his little brother back after years not knowing he was even alive.

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3rd Prize: Saving Sammy

For @not-your-everyday-smol , here we have a story about a giant Dean Winchester rescuing his little brother from some mean government types. Inspired by the Deanzilla fanfiction. Hope you enjoy it!

The building was hard to find, he’d admit. It took Dean a while, but tracking was one lesson he’d kept from Bobby taking them out game hunting as kids.

Some of the same techniques worked now that Dean was giant.

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Beggars Can’t Be Choosers (3/3)

Time to finally see what Castiel thinks about those Winchesters messing with the little guy he swore to protect.

( 1 ) ( 2 ) ( DA Link )

Oscar looked up and sucked in a breath. Standing in the middle of the room where there had been no one before, was another human (or someone who merely looked like one). He wasn’t as giant as Sam, though he was tall on his own, especially compared to Oscar. He wore a tan trench coat over a rumpled dress shirt and slacks, and his tie was as unkempt and disheveled as his unruly black hair.

Sam and Dean both sat up straight as Castiel, Angel of the Lord, looked their way. Sam’s jaw clenched and Dean’s brow furrowed with pure bewilderment.

There was a long pause. Oscar breathed quickly and stared, hardly able to fathom that merely praying had made Castiel appear. Just as he’d appeared and then disappeared when Oscar first met him.

“Sam, Dean,” Castiel greeted, his brow set in cautious confusion.

“Cas, what’re you doing–” Dean didn’t have time to finish his question before the angel strode over to the table. He stopped right next to it, looming over Sam and Dean as much as Oscar.

Oscar tilted his head back to keep staring at Castiel’s face. He exuded that same otherworldliness that he did the last time. Oscar had almost forgotten what a strange feeling that was, but his thoughts were caught on one thing.

He knows them? They know him?!

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A Cause for Celebration


Oscar – Halloween.

Set in the Brothers Together au created with @nightmares06. Oscar is about 12 in this one.

Oscar didn’t fully understand it, but every once in a while the office staff would decorate the lobby of the motel. He vaguely remembered his mom telling him that the humans had special days that they liked to celebrate every year. Since he didn’t have a calendar (and could barely make sense of one anyway), he was still learning when to anticipate these days.

He watched surreptitiously from a vent as one of the older staff members, a lady with hearing problems and a frown stuck in the wrinkles on her face, trudged around the room. Despite her scowly appearance, she seemed pleasant to every person that came in and Oscar knew her voice well. It was softer than it looked like it should be, and she talked about her grandchildren to whomever would listen.

He sometimes wished he had a grandmother like her. Someone that could take care of him since he didn’t have anyone at all. He was twelve years old and it had been four years since he had warm food.

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Beggars Can’t Be Choosers (2/3)

Back again with Oscar and the Winchester brothers! Last time it left of right as Dean returned to make Oscar’s life even more stressful. He really could use some help. Reminder that this story is split into chapter-length portions.

( 1 ) ( 3 ) ( DA Link )

Dean’s cocky, gruff voice rang out as he let the door slam behind him. “Would you believe there was not a single barfly hanging around–Sammy. What are you doing?”

Sam took his focus off of Oscar for only a moment to answer. “Dude. There’s something under the dresser.”

Dean scoffed somewhere high above and out of sight, but his boots stomped closer. Oscar flinched with every step. “What? Are you seriously freaking out over a mouse?”

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