Unfinished Story Scene

This excerpt is from an old story I was working on years back and that I just found in my drive recently. I remember having a lot of grand plans for it, and I have plenty of notes leftover. I think I’ll get back to the story eventually, though it isn’t on a front burner by any means. However, since everyone loves a good chase scene (bonus for it being giants), I figured I would toss this one on here.

The story was titled Mediator and it was centered around the tried-and-true story premise of “someone drawn into another world, shenanigans ensue.”

A crash sounded.  Delainey whirled around to face the direction the sound had come from.  She watched with fear as she expected a lightning storm to kick up, even though she could see the clear blue sky.  At length, she saw … something come into view.

Then, as that something came into clearer focus, Delainey’s heart dropped to her stomach as she slowly looked up.

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