Chase In Lilliput – Discovered (2/2)

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Heat bloomed in Chase’s cheeks, but not from embarrassment. Fear and a mounting lack of air built on him, tensing his shoulders. The giant wasn’t pinching his chest at all, but he almost swore he was. His chest was tight with pain.

“Oh, Jesus,” the giant muttered. Chase caught a glimpse of those eyes again, but his gaze slid to the side as the free hand brushed at his shoulder with a fingertip. The nudge surprised him; it was far more gentle than a fingertip the size of his head should be. “What’s wrong? Did something happen? Can I help you?”

Chase realized distractedly that the pain in his chest must be showing on his face. He shook his head distractedly and pushed against the grip around him, but his force was so weak. He had to blink tears from his eyes from the pressure.

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Chase In Lilliput – Discovered (1/2)

And Lilliputian!Chase is back! Couldn’t just leave him pinned forever. He needs a proper first encounter in this crack AU.

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It felt like an age before anything changed. Chase wriggled underneath the giant’s hand every few minutes, trying to pry himself free. It never worked. Once or twice the hand would twitch and Chase would worry he’d be subjected to another unconscious scratch against the giant’s stomach. At least he had some luck there.

Eventually, though, his accidental captivity was joined by a new sound. Chase’s eyes widened in the sweltering dark as the stomach beneath him suddenly let out a loud, pining gurgle. Any thought of how he’d get himself out of this mess came to an abrupt halt as that sound really sank in.

Don’t suppose you brought yourself a snack, didja, he thought nervously. There weren’t many stories of giants actually eating anyone in Lilliput before, and yet the part of Chase that knew how little he was by comparison couldn’t leave the notion alone. He was trapped with a giant. A hungry one.

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