NaNoWriMo Day 18

So I made par today, and little more, but this is fine by me! I’m getting some good progress on a few stories, and that’s all I need. So far I’m keeping up just fine with Nano. 🙂 Today’s excerpt is from Dragonrest.

Word Count: 1668


The sun would be going down in an hour or so, but luckily I have excellent senses in the dark. I’d track a damn dragon in his own mountains, no problem.

Did it help me avoid my other problems? Yes. Was I thinking about that as I went? Maybe.

“C’mon, Zach,” I called out, pushing through a mess of hanging vines. “I just want to talk for a second. Promise I’ll leave you alone as soon as you do me one more favor!”

That didn’t work, which didn’t surprise me. The dragon had already told me he didn’t want anything to do with me, and really that should have been the last thing to convince me. Then again, he also had made a point of listening to me instead of just tearing me to pieces because he could, so I think there was some merit in my plan.

I just didn’t expect to find a different dragon so close by.

NaNoWriMo Day 17

I’m not quite done for the day, but I already picked an excerpt and I’m not exactly sure when I’ll actually be done. Today I’ve been working on a story currently titled Dragonrest. This includes some new characters, hooray!

Word Count: 1007 (so far)


Zachaios chuffed and leaned his snout towards me again, prompting me to take a step back. “Perhaps you need to take a breath, fool dwarf.”

“Y’know what, pretentious dragon, maybe you’re right,” I shot back, my voice a little higher than I wanted it to be.

Zachaios growled, and I fell to a seat a lot faster than I meant to. Leathery white wings tensed on that great beast’s back and some of his spines stood up straighter. At the time, I remember thinking that it would solve at least one of my problems if I got eaten by a dragon. I wouldn’t have a tough decision to make anymore.

Muunfel Lore Bits #3

In the southeast of Muunfel, Synka and Heptaena are separated by a ridge of mountains called the Dragonrest Mountains. Most travelers can find their way through these mountains with a guide and following the trails, and most don’t have much inclination to try to climb too high.

The dragons that come there to sleep aren’t often friendly to anyone who wakes them up, accident or not. They are more understanding when they come down among the people, and simply request that their rest not be disturbed in return.

Creatures of Muunfel

Aside from the standard animals found throughout the wilds (presided over by Xepher, the son of the earth god and Steward/Saint of animals), there are more monstrous beasts found in the wilds (darkind, the creatures made directly by the force of Nature) and faebeasts. Some of these creatures can blend in and even interbreed with normal animals. Others are unmistakable for what they are.

Darkind monsters tend to have an elemental predisposition. For example, rockboars, enormous beasts with skin like stone that decay into piles of stones, have an earth predisposition. Mermaids have an obvious water predisposition.

Elemental dragons are creatures of nature. They tend to seclude themselves in the isolated wilds. Magical dragons are faebeasts, and are the type more prone to bothering other people.