Burgers and Pixie Dust Outline

For any fans of Oscar who read the third installment in his story, I created an outline well before writing it. And, much like Salads and Sulfur, Burgers and Pixie Dust was plotted out while I was completely smashed from drinking … I believe it was rum.

That outline, for your enjoyment, can be found under the cut.

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Outline for Salads and Sulfur

Hello, Oscar fans! Hopefully there’s been some time to read Salads and Sulfur, the second installment of my Food and Monsters fanfictions based on the wonderful Brothers Apart AU created by @nightmare06. If not, here are some links:

AO3 , Deviantart

( AO3 Link to BA )

Now, with all those links out of the way, I want to drop some trivia for Salads and Sulfur. I didn’t write it until the Brothers Apart contest was running, but I had actually had the outline written for several months. July 4 of 2015, I was celebratory and rather tipsy, and I sat down and outlined the entire story (some things changed from there).

I want to share this outline.

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