Third Prize: My Hero

The time has come to start posting the prizes for my Food Day Contest. In third place, we had nightmarejasmine , who requested a story with Elias Dawn and Eral the Arbor Pixie.

Some jokes just aren’t funny. As a demigod of mischief, Elias could attest to the fact that not everyone knew where that line was drawn. There was an art to it, a skill in doing no real harm with a trick. Sure, his trickster side sometimes almost went too far. Sometimes the temptation grew to cause more trouble than anyone deserved. But he never actually crossed that line, not when he was in control.

When the fellow at the bar raised his glass in a fake-drunk salute, Elias’ trickster side perked right up.

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Excerpt: Bottled Rage

One story I like to work on from time to time is another short featuring Elias Dawn and Eral the Arbor Pixie, entitled Bottled Rage. It’s a fun little foray into the way Eral acts as tough as anybody when he’s drunk–a task that takes quite a few thimblesfull to achieve.

He still likes his demigod buddy well enough, but good luck getting him to admit it.

Bars were great. One of Eral’s favorite places to be after a successful quest. And before. And during, if there was time.

Elias was off chatting someone up. He had all the luck with the ladies (or guys) he happened to pick out. Eral just wound up being called cute most of the time. He didn’t try to be too friendly, unless he was angling for someone to let him borrow a thimbleful of their drink.

Drinking put a warm feeling in his gut and a lightness in his steps. For a pixie, the world could be heavy sometimes. Eral didn’t mind the help. The more he had, the easier it became to follow along with drinking games, anyway.

He had already had to regale whoever would listen of his adventures. Before Elias sauntered into his life, Eral had accomplished plenty on his own. Strangers didn’t chuckle at the notion as much as Elias did, but then the damn demigod never took anything seriously.

“Idiot thinks ‘cause he got um, them tattoos on’s arm that he’s the best at … at doing the thing and getting the reward shit,” Eral complained. He had a seat on an overturned shot glass, and a few of the bar patrons laughed along with his bluster.

“Whassis tattoos mean?” someone asked. Eral squinted to focus on who said it, and then glanced around the place. Elias had a corner booth with a couple of hangers-on around him. His sleeves were rolled up casually to reveal the curling runes in black ink on one arm. Still there.

“Fucked if I know,” Eral said, slopping some beer from his thimble when he used it to help his dismissive wave. “Buncha temple shit I think. Told me once an’ I damn forgot.”

A wavering hand descended slowly from above. Eral glanced up as its shadow flickered, and then he took a drink from his thimble. The hand came to rest next to his seat. “Shit,” the human slurred. The hand tilted and a finger tapped Eral’s back lightly. He almost spilled more beer.

“Atta … atta pixie,” the human said with a grin. “Who needsa bard anyway?”

Drinks Too Many

It’s time for an Elias & Eral short! Featuring a side of Elias we don’t get to see very often.

Reading time: <5 minutes

“If I seem dangerous, d’you get scared?” Elias’ voice was much quieter than usual, and not as articulate. Eral looked to him with a sharp frown, finding the halfgod staring dejectedly at his drink. The guy could hold his liquor pretty damn well, but from the looks of things it had finally caught up to him.

“What the hell kinda question is that?” Eral dismissed, taking another swig of the mead in his thimble. Proportionally, he could outdrink almost anyone. He knew what spiral Elias was on. “I’m cutting you off.”

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Letters from Camp

It’s the final letter from camp! I made my goal (technically I made it last night, but I was tired so no update then), and I think I got through some important plot stuff in all this. There were some times where I kind of hedged on what order I wanted to do things next, but I got there in the end and that’s what counts! To celebrate, I’m going to give my favorite excerpt out of this whole run (I saved it for the end).

Final Word Count: 20067 / 20000


“Gods, Eral, you’re okay, right?” Elias said, more quietly. He leaned down and tilted his head, the better to scan Eral’s few inches. Even as he loomed overhead, Eral appreciated his open and honest concern. “That guy looked ready to–”

“Please don’t finish that thought,” Eral interrupted, raising an eyebrow. “Trust me, I don’t need the visual.”

Elias winced, but a moment later he seemed to compose himself. He reached out and, before Eral could balk away, gently pinched his thumb and first finger on Eral’s cheeks. “Got it, bud,” he said with a growing grin. “No talk of smushing.”

Letters from Camp

So close to my goal. Oh my lord I am so pumped to have actually come this far! I wasn’t sure I would make it with camp this time, what with all my other writing commitments. The story has been so much fun, too, and today I wrote an exchange that I love way too much not to share.

Word Count: 18142 / 20000


“A mermaid walking around on the land, casting spells? There must be something about that,” Joleth added.

Elias sighed distractedly as he thought. “She hops,” he said.

Eral frowned. “Wait. She hops?”

Elias nodded. “Well, yeah. You saw her tail. Not very good for a two-step.”

Eral huffed. “Well, yeah,” he echoed in irritation. “I saw it. But she had legs before your mom wiped the spell away!”

“Illusions,” Elias said. “And it’s a shame they aren’t real. They look nice.”

Joleth made a noise somewhere between a thoughtful hum and a grunt of agreement. “You have some kind of history with her, don’t you?”

Elias flashed a grin that was entirely too unashamed, all things considered.

Letters from Camp

I’ve made a lot of progress and I’m so close to reaching my goal for camp! I’ve been having way too much fun playing around with other fae concepts for Eral to be completely Exasperated about.

Word Count:  17342 / 20000


“Yeah, well, I don’t know what I’m looking for here, so until I find it, I should probably just keep an eye out, right?” Elias said back, lifting Eral to eye level while he paused. Joleth glanced over from her own curious browsing of the books.

Eral shrugged. “Wandering aimlessly in fairy-controlled territory, even just a free library? Honestly, Elias, didn’t anyone tell you fairy tales growing up? That’s a good way to lose a century without even noticing it.”

Letters from Camp

I totally didn’t forget to do any of these the last several days … ;>>  I’ve been making good progress, though. After each writing session I keep closing everything down before remembering to do an excerpt (or sometimes I even forgot to update my count on the website, ugh).

Word Count: 15388 / 20000


The scribe actually stopped thumping around. He turned his glowing green gaze upon Eral, and though his face was gnarled and tough to read, he was like an amused grandfather with a young child. “I am the scribe,” he confirmed in his creaky voice. “And I will inscribe things. The spell will help me, young one. Have the patience not to fade away from boredom, if you can.”

“I’m not gonna fade!” Eral shot back. “I’m just not big on waiting around for someone after they already zapped me away without so much as a ‘pardon me’!”

The treant bobbed his head to the side in acknowledgement. “Pardon me,” he said, before getting right back to his spell preparations.

Letters from Camp

I had a lot of fun with this one today. I actually made myself stop in the middle of a fun scene so tomorrow I’ll have a place to get some early momentum going and keep it up. Things are coming along, and our odd trio of heroes is ready to find more trouble.

Word Count: 10696 / 20000


“An inn, a trade post, and … what is that, a stable?” Elias counted off, noting the few buildings built under the looming watch of the library. Many of them had smaller huts nearby, presumably for their caretakers to rest every night. “Horseshoes on every door. That’s folksy.”

Eral scoffed. “Iron horseshoes. Blackberry wreaths everywhere, too. Do I need to point out the rowan branches for you as well? They’re fairy wards, dumbass.”

Elias raised his eyebrows. “Fair enough, Eral. Will you … be able to get into the inn and stuff?”

Letters from Camp

Back again! I’m making some progress, getting some Plot to happen. 😀

Word Count: 9866 / 20000


They crested a hill in the afternoon and finally spotted it. In the distance, a large, curving building stood out against the landscape. A settlement of sorts had formed around it, and the shining blue of a pond could be seen nearby. They would reach the place within the hour at the pace they were going.

It was time again to think about what they would do at the entrance to the library. Eral had never minded playing fast and loose with planning ahead, but dealing with other fae was a rare exception.