NaNoWriMo Day 8

I skate in before midnight on my timezone. I made it. Somehow. It was kind of a long week, so I procrastinated a bit. But! I had fun with some more new characters. Including another of Finnraal’s headmates, Kala.

Word count: 16800


Kala huffed out a sigh. “Riddle?”

“Um. No. I’m sorry, this is a bit tricky.”

She opened her mouth to respond, and then closed it again with a slight shake of the head. The voice wasn’t familiar at all. It didn’t belong to any of the headmates she knew. For a moment, she wondered if maybe someone else had been born after the stress of the day. It would explain why Finnraal was still impossible to reach.

Finally, she decided to be straightforward. “Who are you?”

“I’m. Well, my name is Percival,” that voice said. “I’m trying to contact you through a dream, but all I see is … I think it’s a well.”

“Then you’re not in my dream,” Kala said flatly. “If I’m sharing dreams with Riddle I’m going to scream.”

“Oh. Ah! I understand!”

NaNoWriMo Day 7

Ooof. Today was very busy, so I was late getting started on writing, and then of course it took me forever to reach my word count goal for the day. (I wrote yesterday, but didn’t make a post because I couldn’t find an excerpt I wanted to use).

Word Count: 14793


“And once you’ve discreetly passed things along, I want you to return to me for the final task,” Epitaph said, their voice clearly wrapping up the explanation. “Am I clear?”

“Clear as a mirror’s edge,” Finnraal replied. “Do I at least get a map?”

He did not get a map, but that wasn’t all too surprising. Finnraal found himself with cryptic instructions and a dismissal.

NaNoWriMo Day 5

Writing came easier today! I also made sure to leave off at a good spot that’ll make it really easy to start up again tomorrow. I’m happy with my progress thus far, considering I have no idea where this plot is going.

Also, Riddle is a really fun character, guys.

Word Count: 10456


Riddle shook his head. “Nah. Won’t be necessary. This gentleperson is going to flounce back into the crowd and find someone else to run his errands.”

“Do you even know who I am, half breed?”

Riddle blinked lazily. “No. And you don’t know me, either. We’re on even ground, which probably pisses you off something mighty, doesn’t it, full breed? Eugh, I can’t believe you made me say that. ‘Full breed.’ Full of hot air, maybe.”

NaNoWriMo Day 4

Things were slow today! I’m very late in finishing it up, but I think I did okay. To clarify something, Finnraal has Dissociative Identity Disorder! That term doesn’t necessarily exist in Muunfel, though, nor does some of the understanding we have of it in the real world. I’ve been working on the character for a while, though I want to preface this by saying I still have a lot more research to do on how to depict DID in a fantasy setting. These excerpts are meant as WIPs only; once I’ve had some sensitivity readers for the story, it should be a lot more solid!

Word Count: 8733


The world above was an uncomfortable sort of thing. Everything, everyone felt like a charade of sorts, like the settings and actors of a play. Riddle didn’t trust them, and he didn’t think the others should trust them on principle, either. Maybe it was because he made a point of knowing the least trustworthy people he could find when he was out front.

Information was one of the most important commodities he could possibly gather. More than money, more than spare parts from the shops, maybe even more than food. Information paid like the most sparkling diamonds, if one knew how to spin it. Riddle was good at collecting it. Finnraal and Kala were good at turning it into something else.

His contacts never stayed in the same place for long, but they always left signs for those who knew how to look. Signs leading to their latest nest would be found in the alleys and back roads of the bustling city.

Riddle hadn’t gone to them in some time. He almost worried he had lost his edge with finding the signs, but he noticed a series of notches carved into a signpost. Progress at last. Is anyone watching?

Yes, good job, Finnraal thought drily from within. This is literally why you’re the one in front right now.

“You want my help and this is how you repay it,” Riddle muttered. He snickered as a general sense of disapproval surged out of his audience, and didn’t pay it much mind. He could have fun in the real world, even if no one else appreciated his ways.

NaNoWriMo Day 3

I made it a lot earlier today, but didn’t get around to actually typing it until a bit ago! Things are coming along nicely so far. I even managed to sneak some size shenanigans into the story, because it’s me.

Word Count: 6246


One second, they all sat in a comfortable silence together, waiting. The next, they weren’t alone in the tall, round room.

A figure hunched on the ground without a chair of his own. Even seated on the floor, he towered over the rest, easily clearing fifteen feet in that position. Huge, feathered, ash-grey wings draped over his back and across the floor space behind him, which was kept clear mainly for his comfort when he came to the main room like this. Half-lidded, ember orange eyes scanned the small gathering and he shifted to be more comfortable, resting his hands on his knees.

NaNoWriMo Day 2

Things are going along nicely so far! I’m having fun introducing a bunch of new characters, and especially getting to know Finnraal. Writing Finnraal is a bit of a new challenge for me and will probably take a lot of work in the long run, but I’m excited to bring him to life.

Word Count: 4136


Some of the weight of the world always seemed to leave him behind when he crossed the threshold. The space he called his own with Tarin, from the large, somewhat lumpy bed to the writing desk where they drew up their various plans, to the curtained off bath area that they kept to themselves, wasn’t glamorous. Some of the apartments in the world above were far more opulent and bright, but they couldn’t quite match the charm of Finn’s little warren.

He all but ripped the bandanna from around his neck and discarded it on the floor while also slipping out of his boots. As he crossed the short distance to the bed, he also lifted his tunic over his head, also leaving it on the floor. Tarin would probably have words for him about it, but as he all but flopped onto the bedcovers, Finn resolved not to mind until it came to it. He could clean up after himself, but for now he had other matters to attend to.

NaNoWriMo Day 1

It begins! I’m hardly doing any outlining at all for the start of this story, since I kind of know what I want the Plot to be, but I still need to nudge the characters to the plot. They’ll get there sooner than any of them would like, I’m sure.

Word Count: 2066


What had stood before had crumbled, and what they built on top of it could crumble, too. They could leave their mark on the ruins of old Solian buildings, and then they would join history.

For reasons as foggy as a workshop after an explosion, that mindset bred invention faster than anywhere else in Muunfel. Tinkers and smiths and even some innovative magic users made their workshops in all corners. They built and planned and explored the limits of what could be done with machines, and they did it knowing something might come soon enough to replace their latest invention. As though racing themselves, they leapt forward and made strides that the rest of the continent watched eagerly. Change and the unchanging danced in Genfierz, and in the Silver Fortress more than anywhere else.

NaNoWriMo 2019

I’ve been back and forth for the whole month of October on whether I will participate in NaNo this  year, and I decided I may as well at least try! I’m going to be tackling a brand new story set in the Muunfel universe, featuring some brand new characters that I’ve been wanting to write for a while.

I will do my best to keep up with it this year, and I’ll also post excerpts from time to time (maybe not daily, we will see if there’s enough interest). 

Finnraal and the Piper

Finn is a thief. Of goods, of information, of the occasional tray of pastries from the local bakery. Finn has a lot of people that he cares about, within himself and without, and would generally say his family is quite large enough thank you very much. When he stumbles himself into a plot that threatens his hard-earned family, there’s little choice but to step up.