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Kind of both? Wood sprites are the most likely to opt to be pacifists. They’re connected to the Lady of Life, and that means they tend to be more in tune with the living things around them. If they can avoid a fight, they usually will. However, not all wood sprite communities are pacifist like Wellwood. There are some that are much more prepared and willing to tussle with something that causes trouble, and some communities even tolerate eating meat (or eggs – birds just leave those lying around, after all).

Among the other varieties of sprites, the fire sprites and air sprites can be quick to react to threats, and sometimes they’ll squabble amongst themselves but it really doesn’t amount to much. Most sprites recognize that they’re small in a big world and they don’t like to waste time fighting each other, even if they’ll go after animals to show them who’s boss.

I have a wood sprite character from another community, and she is quite prepared to drive animals away and even hunt them down if they’re too much of a threat:

This is Kayra (art by me!). Look out for that spear. She has a kiddo to protect and she’s not shy about it.

A Little Change (1/?)


Oh my God yes. I’ve mused briefly about this before, but not for very long each time. Getting a prompt for it really made me want to try it. So try I did.

This is not the end of this little crack story.

The Fire Spirit didn’t often turn His focus on a sprite other than His own children. He and His siblings watched the sprites they lovingly made, answering their Prayers when they could. Even as the fire sprites all over the world asked for magic from the Lord of Change, and even as He answered, He couldn’t help but look in on one of His sister’s children.

A wood sprite had befriended a human. It wasn’t the strangest happening, but it always amused. Most of the Spirits couldn’t resist checking in on the pair from time to time.

This time, as the human trudged through the woods with the sprite flitting to and fro among the leaves that the Earth Spirit had designed him to match, the Fire Spirit had an idea. A sudden notion of mischief ran through His core. If He could smile, He would.

My sister will forgive me, little one, He thought as he reached out from the place where the Spirits lived. I hope you will, too. Nothing wrong with a little change.

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Fairy Tales Lore Bits #4

The wings of the major sprite varieties are varied, sort of as a reflection of the varying personalities of the Spirits that created them.

Fire Sprites have protrusions on their backs that resemble bundles of twigs. They are vaguely the shape of butterfly or dragonfly wings. When vibrated at the right angle and speed, a spark is created, which ignites the wings and provides them with the thrust needed to take flight.

Air Sprites have six wings each. Each pair is a different size, with the smallest on top, the largest in the middle, and the medium-size at the bottom of the arrangement. They are translucent, and made up of prismatic scales that can reflect light in many colors. They most resemble hummingbird wings in shape.

Wraith Sprites have quills on their backs in place of wings. They can be flared out to look like wings, but they don’t offer flight. They can be found in a variety of colors, though are usually more muted than vibrant.

Fairy Tales Lore Bits #2

When sprites mix across species, the child takes on more traits of their biological mother because of birthing constraints and the hormones available. Without new mixed genetics, it takes about four or five generations for mixed traits to disappear, however the connection to the Spirit takes almost three times that long to completely fade.

When mixed, the Spirits share a connection to the sprite. The resulting sprite may Pray to either, but can never have the full connection required for the Voice of the Spirit. Because of that shared connection, the Spirits involved must get along well enough and trust one another to be so close to a potential flow of their magic. Some sprite pairings cannot produce offspring because of this.

Fairy Tales Lore Bits #1

There are six Major Spirits in the Fairy Tales Mythos:

  • Spirit – Title – Sprite 
  • Earth Spirit – Lady of Life – Wood sprites
  • Night Spirit – Lady of Secrets – Shadow sprites
  • Water Spirit – Lord of Purity – Water sprites
  • Fire Spirit – Lord of Change – Fire sprites
  • Sky Spirit – Lady of Freedom – Air sprites
  • Sight Spirit – Keeper of Memory – Wraith sprites

Other minor Spirits exist, but they don’t often create sprites and when they do, they are not widespread. They cannot create offspring with the major sprites, either, because the Spirits that made them can’t share a soulspace with a Major Spirit. Only one Spirit has ever transitioned from Minor to Major: The Sight Spirit.