Happy Birthday to Oscar

Oscar’s birthday was on March 7th! Some lovely notes have come in for him:


Happy Birthday to the cutest smol Oz ❤



(meant to send this yesterday) Happy Brithday Oscar! Have cake!

“It’s … it’s my birthday already? You’re sure?” Oscar asked. He’d completely let it slip his mind. Not many things could sneak up on a master of stealth like him, but dates and holidays were a notable exception. He never remembered when Christmas or Easter was coming until they were there, much like his own birthday.

“That’s the truth, Oz,” Dean replied. He had leaned down on his crossed arms on the table, an attempt to be more at Oscar’s level. It didn’t completely work, but he could at least watch a smile grow on the little guy’s tiny face.

Sam already had his silver knife out of its sheath, but he offered it to Oscar instead. “We got it onto our calendar as soon as we knew. No more excuses to forget it!”

Oscar’s cheeks turned slightly pink. “Th-thanks!” He eyed the knife before taking it with reverence. Sam didn’t let that knife go very often, but one exception wouldn’t hurt. While Oscar hesitated with the knife over the miniature cake they’d brought him, he stammered out a defense of his own forgetfulness. “I-it’s not like I ever celebrated my birthday before. I’m usually too busy is all!”

“And miss out on cake?” Dean scoffed, even as Oscar finally cut into the little cake, an experience he’d never had a chance to try before. “We’re makin’ up for lost time, here.”

Oscar huffed, but didn’t let Dean’s teasing ruin his concentration. The first slice was a fourth of the whole cake, transferred onto a makeshift plate of aluminum foil. With it set aside, he offered it up to the full sized human and tried to ignore how small it looked. “W-well. Thanks again, guys. Better help me eat the cake, since you came all this way.”

Sam helped himself to his own more reasonable slice of cake while Dean accepted the small piece with a fingertip. Even then, they both waited for Oscar to have his own piece and try his first bite of birthday cake before having any for themselves.

“Happy birthday, Oscar.”

Pocket Oz


It’s everybody’s favorite smol friend, courtesy of a request from @neonthebright! I don’t usually draw adult Oscar, but I had the scene from the latest Food and Monsters story in my head and I couldn’t help but draw it. Adult Oscar is pretty much just kiddo Oscar but with longer arms and a slightly thinner face lol.

Oscar belongs to @neonthebright, art by me!

Burgers and Pixie Dust Outline

For any fans of Oscar who read the third installment in his story, I created an outline well before writing it. And, much like Salads and Sulfur, Burgers and Pixie Dust was plotted out while I was completely smashed from drinking … I believe it was rum.

That outline, for your enjoyment, can be found under the cut.

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Breakfast of Champions


This one, as shown in the picture, came in to @brothersapart, but I had an idea for the Food and Monsters storyline, Oscar’s original home.

Timeline: The morning after the end of Salads and Sulfur

It was unusual for Oscar to care about how much he overslept. His routine for his entire life had been to sleep when he was tired, and after helping Sam and Dean Winchester hunt down a demon, he’d gone to bed exhausted. The day before ran together in a long chain of scary events, many of which he’d witnessed from inside a pocket.

Oscar hadn’t yet had time to come to terms with everything, and he was already in the vents, wandering back toward that room. Back to the odd pair of brothers he’d befriended despite how crazy they could be.

If his memories were to be believed, their insanity had rubbed off on him.

In spite of himself, he was glad to hear a familiar gruff voice filtering into the air ducts. They were still there, even though he’d slept into the morning. He found that he wouldn’t even mind if breakfast was gone already. He could at least see them off before they left.

See the rest on Archive of Our Own along with the rest of the Salads and Sulfur story!

It Followed him Home


I got cling a couple times for Oscar, one by himself and another with another character that I will work on next. For now, have a cute little story that’s pretty much canon for Food and Monsters Oscar as well as Brothers Together Oscar and any au where he grows up in the Knight’s Inn motel.

Reading time: ~5 minutes

Oscar rarely had to improvise his hiding places like this. Normally, he made sure he took as few risks as he could, to avoid situations where he needed to. He trusted certain hiding places in the room every time: under the dresser, behind the nightstand, and, in a pinch, under a bed.

Just inside the cuff of a discarded sweater on the floor? He hated it.

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Outline for Salads and Sulfur

Hello, Oscar fans! Hopefully there’s been some time to read Salads and Sulfur, the second installment of my Food and Monsters fanfictions based on the wonderful Brothers Apart AU created by @nightmare06. If not, here are some links:

AO3 , Deviantart

( AO3 Link to BA )

Now, with all those links out of the way, I want to drop some trivia for Salads and Sulfur. I didn’t write it until the Brothers Apart contest was running, but I had actually had the outline written for several months. July 4 of 2015, I was celebratory and rather tipsy, and I sat down and outlined the entire story (some things changed from there).

I want to share this outline.

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