Muunfel Lore Bits #1

Angels, as have been touched on before, are the umbrella category for any beings created by a god or gods for a particular task. It’s a broad term, but then being celestial is a broad implication. Some angels might even conflict with others, depending on the purposes they are designed for. Angels of death, for example, run counter to angels of protection.

Flying Sea Serpents are actually angels. Created by Cora, the goddess of water, and Sil, the goddess of air, their divine purpose is simple. They guard the sea and sky wherever they are placed. Their original purpose was to guard the shores of Muunfel, but many have been slain and their numbers are reduced.

Some gods are less likely than others to create angels. Others simply aren’t sure what to do with them. Wiavex, the god of souls, for example, has created one angel, unique in its shape, which has a very clouded purpose. It is simply a Soulgazer Beast, consigned to see the souls of mortals with no task to complete with the information it finds.

NaNoWriMo Day 29

Man, I was so restless while doing my writing today. I managed to make what I wanted to, at least. I think I’m definitely nearing a transition point where I can call it a wrap for the first “act” of the story and maybe take a break from it for a while, let it stew.


“I have a friend,” she noted aloud. “Her name is many many sounds long. Elias calls her Gladys. Have you met Gladys, Guinivere Bloodgaze, Sea Tyrant, the white wave’s Lady?”

Guinivere narrowed her eyes, but didn’t deign to answer.

Cira held up her hands as if she was staring through a wall of glass and grinned. “I think she takes after her mother, shall we see?”

A screeching roar, loud enough to shake the air around them, ripped across the sky. All eyes turned upward as a long shape darted out of the clouds above and plummeted towards them.

NaNoWriMo Day 18

Progress for Imperfect Storm

Today’s Word Count: 3049

Total Word Count: 36,329

I kinda forgot to do one last night? Oops. But I did some writing, like 1100 words or so. Honestly it’s neat I got that much considering I got a new pokemon game to play. Yeah. I’ll do yesterday’s excerpt and today’s, so you get a double.

Excerpt 1:

“Can she even tell I’m here?” Eral called to Elias, who was making his way along the length of the prostrate serpent to rejoin them.

Elias patted Gladys’ side. “Yeah, she knows,” he replied. “She doesn’t see like most would, but she can tell you’re there.”

To confirm what he said, one of the feelers actually approached at last. Eral tensed, but it paused an inch away from his chest. He could hardly believe the accuracy.

Then she poked him right in the chest and her feeler darted back. The ground rumbled slightly as a rhythmic wheeze shook through the giant serpent. She was laughing.

Excerpt 2:

“No wind for me today, Gladys,” Elias shouted, pushing shakily to his feet. “I forgot to explain, but I can do that after you eat. I promise. For now, I’m gonna need you to keep part of you over the water for us until you can surface again. Can you do that for me, sweetheart?”

Gladys made a few trills of surprise. Then, Yes. Elias. Careful. Fae sharks.

“You got it,” he said. Then, he went to Joleth, who was trying to hang on. “We gotta run to the back of her. She’s gonna go under.”

NaNoWriMo Day 16

Progress for Imperfect Storm

Today’s Word Count: 1825

Total Word Count: 32,093

This week has been a time, for sure. I’m kinda doing the minimum I need to get by, though I had a ton of buffer so that’s good. I’m hoping I can get past the mopey mood this week and really knock out some WORDS over the upcoming Thanksgiving days off.


“There’s … a what guarding the shores over there?” Eral blurted indignantly. He stood on Joleth’s head with his hands on his hips, and they both fixed Elias with their most skeptical glares.

“A giant flying sea serpent!” Elias chirped, unabashed. “Her name is almost as long as she is, so I just call her Gladys.”