Letters from Camp

I have some good momentum going so far, which is very helpful at the start of a project like this! I’m also pretty excited, as I realize I may get a chance to write a character I never thought would be more than a footnote in the overall Muunfel project.

Word Count: 1,413 / 15,000


James Mercy had the loveliest handwriting out of any engineer Guinivere had met since arriving in Genfierz, though even he seemed to write as if he had a strict time limit. His reply to her, given a week’s close thought after her in-person visit, was delivered with care, no matter how carefree he could seem.

Dearest Guinivere and honored mage,

The specifications you mused upon with me during your recent visit have stayed on my mind for quite some time. I freely admit that they present a most tantalizing puzzle. It is little wonder that you, as accomplished in your self-taught field as I, would resonate with me so well. I could expect no less than a keen mind for invention in one such as yourself.

NaNoWriMo Day 28

Oh man. Writing fight scenes is both difficult and fun. I know I definitely need some work to make this scene I worked on today much more badass, but I’m so pleased with it so far. 😀


With speed that could not come from a human, Cira twisted Guinivere’s arm back. There was a sickening crack and Guinivere squealed out a husky cry, but Cira wasn’t finished yet. She grabbed Guinivere’s hair in her other hand and yanked her close so she could whisper in her ear.

Elias didn’t hear what she said, but he saw the look of terror that crossed Guinivere’s face for an instant.

Then, Cira threw her to the ground so hard she left a rut in the dirt.

NaNoWriMo Day 27

I’m having fun. More story things are happening, and another of my Vague Plot Events has arrived at last, so tomorrow I should be able to have a lot of fun writing that one out.


“Cira Dawn,” Guinivere greeted. Somehow, she managed to sound reverent and derisive at the same time. “I have heard so many marvelous things about you. I had hoped to have a chat with you and your son.”

Cira, standing boldly at the front of the group, tilted her head. In a show of her complete lack of concern, she glanced over her shoulder to count her entourage, and her eyes landed on Elias. With a faint smirk, she nodded at him. Something was flickering rapidly in her eyes already.

NaNoWriMo Day 8

Progress for Imperfect Storm

Today’s Word Count: 2022

Total Word Count: 16,324

Things were kinda sporadic today, but I had so much fun with it. I really can’t wait to get to the consequences of what happened this time. Shenanigans abound, and also I had a chance to write the characters being badasses!


“Subdue the halfgod,” Guinivere commanded, waving at her entourage of eerily silent armored guards. “Only harm if you must, but don’t–”

A loud crackling filled the air and Elias jabbed one of his swords towards a black-armored figure. Blue lightning, bright and vicious, leapt out of the blade and struck the white wave emblem the figure wore on their chest. They dropped immediately, twitching but unresponsive.

“… use excessive force,” Guinivere finished frostily. “I want him in usable condition.”