Halloween Costume Contest 2017 Results

Alright, this was super fun and I was so happy every time I got an entry! I’m so glad it went over well with everyone.

Then the deadline hit and I realized I’d have to pick the winners. Omg. ;w;  It was such a task, but I am pleased with the results, so here they are.

In third place, we have:

@not-your-everyday-smol, with



I adore this costume. We all had a lot of similar thoughts for Oscar, who is pretty much an honorary mouse himself. N.Y.E.S. had a take on the mousie costume with an emphasis on found materials and Oscar’s own talent for sewing. I’m sure he will be hard pressed to put this one away after the candy hunt is over, since it looks so warm and cozy.

In Second place:

@therealbrigeedarocks / @thebrigeedadraws, with Nobody Suspects the Gourd!

Dang, guys. This one was heckin’ creative, was it not? The thought of Oscar putting something like this together so he can sneak candy and also effectively flee with said candy is super entertaining, and I love it. He is a clever little guy. I like how Bee called back to a not-often-seen side of Oscar: that he loves holiday decorations and stuff like that. Why not just be one for halloween? Gets him some candy!

And in First Place:

@torchmlp with An Oz In Shining Armor

“Um, what’s Hollowbean?” Oscar said, speaking up.

“It’s Halloween not hollow bean!” Sam said, his excitement coming back. “And I forgot you didn’t know what it is! It’s basically the best holiday ever! You get to dress up in cool costumes and go to people’s houses and they give you free candy!”

“Candy sounds nice, but I don’t think I would like going to people’s houses.” It did sound like fun, but Oscar wasn’t too keen on any other humans seeing him. He didn’t think other people would be as nice as Dean.

Sam nodded. “Yeah, I guess it isn’t safe for us, but we could still dress up!”

“And I can always get us some candy from the gas station,” Dean said.

“That could be fun. But what would I dress up as?”

There is one knight in the Knight’s Inn motel, and that knight is timid little Oscar. Torch wrote a very cute and very in-character piece detailing Oscar donning some aluminum-foil armor, complete with a helmet that doesn’t quite fit (maybe he’ll grow into it someday). I really love the image it put in my head of the tiniest little guy holding up his toothpick sword, ready to slay dragons and rescue princesses and candy!

Once again, thank you so much to all entrants! I had a blast seeing what would come out of this one, and not a single one was disappointing. They were all adorable and I love them forever. ❤

Congratulations to the winners! I’ll be in touch soon, or you can feel free to message me with your preferred mode of communication regarding prizes and we can work things out from there. 🙂

A Gift For Oscar


Okay, so this is for @neonthewrite‘s Halloween contest. It’s set during Hershey Kisses and Salt Lines, when Sam was saved by Dean and the brothers meet Oscar. I hope you like it!

Dean strolled down the path, glancing disinterestedly through the windows of stores. Every window was themed for the season, sporting black and orange colours with an assortment of supernatural creatures that had been rendered into amusing cutouts and figurines. He snorted at the image of a snarling beast head, a lame imitation of a werewolf.

The people don’t need to know how wrong they are, he mused, and kept walking.

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Conest Entry: Mousie


Submission for neon’s Oscar’s costume contest XD He made it himself too (what a talented kid, let’s give the mouse boy a round of applause)

Description: Gray in color, except for the buttons (they’re mismatched). The tail is a single piece of brown yarn. The bottom of his feet are pink from extra pink cloth he had, sewn in to serve as extra padding.

Contest Entry: Fievel Mousekewitz


I don’t get artsy too often, but I decided to throw my hat into the ring and make a Halloween costume for Oscar as a part of the contest set up by @neonthebright ! I’m not really sure why, but the first thought that came to my mind for a costume for Oscar was to dress him up like Fievel the mouse from the American Tail movies! With a bit of string to use as a tail and a little bit of paint of the whiskers, he’s ready to go! Oscar seems a little unsure about it, but at least it’s a comfy costume! 😁

Contest Entry: Pumpkin



Ok so not so much a Halloween costume as it is a straight up disguise for @neonthebright‘s best hotel-dwelling borrower, Oscar.

Top 3 Things I Know About Oscar

1. Scared of being seen/caught by Humans so tends to avoid being out in the open

2. Was once enamored by the Breckenridge Hotel’s holiday decorations when he was young

3. Good with crafts and stuff

So I imagine this was a long-worked on project once the idea got into his head. Dark mesh (either the fabric or actual chicken wire/fabric combo) for the face so he can breathe, be out of sight, and still able to see his surroundings; handles inside the plastic decoration so he can move around from place to place; top cut so he can stick his head or arms out; and a hole in the bottom both for maneuvering and a quick escape route in case he needs to bolt (not many would think to pick the whole thing up carefully, would probably grab from the top and BAM Oscar is still on the ground and half way to safety before they realize it).

Don’t ask me how he holds all the candy he just does LOOK OKAY

Mr. Doormouse


Mr. Doormouse

Oscar stood still as giant fingers pressed against him, he knew better than to move suddenly of the very excitable woman before him. She was 5’6 and had brownish red hair, her skin was like milk chocolate and her eyes hazel.

She was an odd human, more than even Sam and Dean Winchester. Though she was even more, she called herself the Mad Hatter. She always wore a big brown top hat and a brown vest over a white collar shirt, she wore brown shorts with long knee high black socks. She would have a brown suit coat, but only when she would be his size. Yes…she can change her size.

She carried a tiny clock on a metal cord and always had a sewing kit, which was why he couldn’t move.

He was being suited, and so far it was cozy. She had created something like what younger humans wear, a onesie? It was light grey and she worked diligently on making a removable and adjustable light blue vest, “Almost done Oscar!”

Her fingers moved to his back and the hood that was attached covered his head and she worked with the top, Oscar contemplated what brought him to this.

(Flashback to hour earlier)

“Hey Oscar?” The Mad Hatter spoke after the comfortable silence the two sat in in Oscar’s room.

“Yes Hattie?”
“Does your kind celebrate Halloween?”

“What?” Oscar asked with a moment of confusion.

“Free Candy Day? The one day Satan would most likely take over the world?”

“No?” At that answer, she popped up and pulled him to the room closest to her stuff. She took full size and got to work.

(End of Flashback)

He huffed as she pulled away, “Done, wanna take a look mousey?” Oscar froze at the nickname and was going to question it until she brought out a mirror.

The onesie as he noticed was a light grey over all, the vest was light blue as he noticed earlier. He didn’t notice the long greyish thin tail coming from the onesie bottom, or the round ears on top of the hood.

The outfit itself wasn’t baggy or tight and it was comfortable to be in. Oscar’s eyes grew wide, “I’m a mouse!”

A chuckle rumbled the ground below him, “Best costume to go out in and not get you caught silly.”

Oscar froze, “C-Caught?”

The Mad Hatter nodded and brought out her brown coat and a sack, “Time to have your first Halloween!”

She scooped up the shy borrower before he could say a word and took off for what may be his best night ever, and since it involves chocolate…it was.

Halloween Costume Contest

It’s a bit short notice for the upcoming spooky holiday, but I had a thought for a quick contest! The focus will be my own little borrower and everyone’s favorite honorary mouse: Oscar!

What I’d like to see from entries is your design for a Halloween costume for the little guy. It can be art or writing, as long as it includes a clear view/description of his costume. This contest isn’t going to run for very long and is meant to be more relaxed, so submissions need not be super fancy. Don’t do an extravagant painting or a novella for it (unless you want to, I guess!).

The deadline is November 5 at 11pm Central Standard Time.


  • Must include Oscar in his halloween costume – he’s ready for this free candy business! You can use whichever age you want
  • Other characters are allowed, but the submission won’t be judged based on any other characters
  • Keep it clean and respectful – this doesn’t need much explanation, but I’d like to remind people here that a culture is not a costume and I won’t accept anything sexual
  • Written submissions should include clear descriptions of the costume, more than just “dressed like a ____”
  • Drawn submissions should be more than a stick figure, it’s a relaxed contest but not a no-effort one


Since it’s a short contest and it’s pretty chill, for now I have only a few prizes up for grabs. If I get a lot of entries, I can reconsider that and I’ll announce it as soon as I know.

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

  • 500-600 word story written by me


I’m guessing most people who follow me know who Oscar is from at least one story, but just in case, here’s a link to a few example pictures. Let me know if you need links to other resources about him; there are lots of stories out there to choose from.


In order to enter, you can post your entry on Tumblr or DeviantArt (if you don’t have an account on either, Archive of Our Own is also acceptable for writing). Then either @ me on tumblr or send me a note on DeviantArt (I am PL1 there). I’ll make a post with entries (or possibly add them to this one). If you made an entry and don’t see yours added to the list after a reasonable amount of time, let me know! There’s a chance I might miss it.


@nightmarejasmine​ – Mr. Doormouse

@thebrigeedadrawsNo One Suspects the Gourd

TorchMLP on DA – An Oz in Shining Armor

@whatthisfemsheplikesFievel the Mouse

nightmares06  on DA – Oscar Bunny Suit


@indigomasquerade97A Gift For Oscar