Word Association: Cicadas

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Indigo Seraf (a shadow sprite) once got caught in a small swarm of cicadas while she was flying home. The big bulky bugs nearly knocked her out of the air, and quite a few earned a solid kick. She didn’t want all their buzzing to alert her father to the fact that she had snuck out again.

Character Heights

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I’ll just give a handful of my OCs for this one.

Bowman Leafwing: 4″
Jacob Andris: 6′ 5″
Chase Lisong: 5′ 3″
Bobby Loran: 5′ 6″
Rischa Songbird: 2.4″
Teven Silver: 3.5″
Indigo Seraf: 3.6″

Oscar: 3.25″

Elias Dawn: 6′
Eral the Arbor Pixie: 6″
Cira Dawn: 5’ 6″

Back to the doll generator to create a look for one of my newer Fairy Tales characters. Indigo Elena Seraf is a shadow sprite, a wingless variety of sprite. They owe their creation to the Night Spirit, the Lady of Secrets.

About Shadow Sprites

Shadow sprites are beings of the night, quite literally. While most sprites need to Pray to a Spirit to borrow magic and make use of some fantastic abilities, the magic of the Night Spirit is always flowing through them. Their skin and hair is always a deep black to reflect this. Their eyes can vary in color, with shades of red being the most common.

The constant magic of the Night Spirit enables shadow sprites to cling to any surface, much like a spider, though even smooth surfaces cause them no trouble. They are also able to tug on the shadows around them to pull it into a solid shape. From this, they make thread and weave cloth, which they use to make their clothes.

The shadow cloth is also used to create a cloak of sorts that they wear like bat wings, and with these cloaks the shadow sprites are able to fly.

Light, because it irritates the Night Spirit Herself, irritates the skin of the shadow sprites. Most lights are intensely uncomfortable at best, creating an almost skin-crawling itch. Sunlight, however, being directly opposite the Night, burns them as the Spirit retreats from the light’s touch. If a sprite is burned too badly by the sun, they can lose their abilities until the Night Spirit is able to reconnect with them.