Kuro’s Temple

Kuro, the god of earth, is the only god among the Four Elemental Stewards who no longer has a temple in his name. It was located in the mountain range now known as Arella’s mountains, forming the northern border of Korvasin and Rutan. When the mountain range was abruptly expanded to divide the south from the north, the temple was destroyed by the shifting rocks. The Titan of earth, Liera, lives in the mountains, and Kuro has long since accepted the loss of his temple.

Pantheon Spotlight: The Four

The Four are the gods of the four elements: Water, Fire, Air, and Earth. Each of these gods has a titan of the same element, gifts from Nature itself for their stewardship. The Four and their titans have begotten several notable demigods, some of which I will list here.

Cora, god of water, and her titan Purin

  • Naia, patron of rivers and lakes
  • Vorin, patron of fish and sea
  • Helban, patron of the deep
  • Tetro, patron of voyagers

Matton, god of fire, and his titan Basa

  • Edra, patron of scorched sands

Sil, god of air, and her titan Vant

  • Mervena, patron of fell wind

Kuro, god of earth, and his titan Liera

  • Yarrow, patron of trees and flowers
  • Xepher, patron of animals
  • Fiorebell, patron of plants and growth (deceased)

Kuro(god of earth) and Basa(titan of fire)

  • Ulain, patron of volcanoes