NaNoWriMo Day 25

Happy Thanksgiving to my friends who celebrate it! I don’t really observe it anymore, though I did get to hang out with family today all the same! And even then, I managed some writing while hanging out. Who knows how good this writing is? I don’t, but I had fun with it.

WordCount: 1036


“The Timewilds are different from the wilds everywhere else, I’ve heard. But I haven’t seen anywhere else to know.”

Erio’s mouth twisted into a frown. “I hadn’t heard much about it myself, until I met Arie. The Timewilds have a way of tricking you into mistaking how far you’ve gone or how long you’ve been moving in a direction, if you don’t pay attention. It’s like time has more ripples here than anywhere else.”

NaNoWriMo Day 20

Realized it’s been a couple days since last I posted an update – today I didn’t write as much as I’ve been doing, but I did pass the 40k mark, so I think I’m doing ok.

Word Count: 1042


Arie huffed out a quiet sigh. “We thought that was a little weird when Kelaven wanted the full amount up front,” she admitted. “He mentioned something about needing to pass along some of the take to his employer. The Order is hiring out wilderness guides now, and we thought maybe that would mean better behavior out of him.”

Lyrson frowned. “The Order … Order of Stewards? They’re hiring out guides?”

“Most of the guides you can find in the cities are all members of the Order, or have been put on some kind of retainer with them by now,” Erio said. He made it sound like it was the most normal thing to point out in the world, the fact that all travel in the timewilds was being bought up and overseen by one group.

Lyrson didn’t like the sound of that at all. For one thing, it only extended the Order’s reach beyond places they’d actually moved into. If they were collecting the wilderness experts, it was only a matter of time before they collected the wilderness.

NaNoWriMo Day 17

Today was a decent writing day – I actually got off work at a reasonable time, so I was able to enjoy myself and relax a bit before diving right into writing! Today I had some fun writing more about Lyrson, who I don’t think I’ve revealed here yet is actually a member of a new species that I am still working out the details for. Today’s excerpt is at least a hint at them!

Word Count: 2140


Fortune came and went out in the timewilds. Lyson knew this, and yet he still let himself be a little disappointed when thick grey clouds rolled over the sky in the early afternoon and opened up. Rain tamped down the grass and the dirt and darkened the distant views across the plains. The constant drumming of it formed a gentle roaring background noise to drown out any folk songs he might hum to himself to pass the time and the miles.

His antennae hung over the sides of his head, sticking to his cheeks, and Lyrson found himself shaking his head frequently to get the raindrops out of his eyes. His boots were soaked through, his bag heavy with the gloomy mood. He shivered once or twice and rued the fact that he was so far from peak; if he was a bit bigger and had a few protective scales grown in, he might be able to insulate himself better against the chill.

As it was, the copse of trees was hours behind him and it made little sense to turn back. So, with little shelter overhead and the constant tattoo of rain against his head, Lyrson trudged on, slipping occasionally against mud slicks hidden in the grass.

NaNoWriMo Day 11

I didn’t make a post yesterday, because I had some really awful things going on during the day, and that resulted in drinking a lot of delicious (but potent) plum wine. That made getting some words written a real trick, let alone coordinating myself for an update post.

Today I continue writing Lyrson, and becoming more aware of what he’s like as a character.

Word Count: 1803 (so far?)


Before the human could bark out his angry order to attack, T’shara stepped in between the two of them, pushing gently on T’kella’s arm to prompt him to release his grip. As he did, T’shara held out a placating hand to the human. “He is not my bodyguard, good fellow, but he is protective of me, as I am of him. Please understand.”

“Oh, I understand plenty,” the human huffed. “My point stands. He cannot come with you to negotiate your terms with the Order. Hostility will only be met with hostility.”

“Hey, hey,” Lyrson chimed in again, cautiously stepping towards the altercation that all but threw sparks into the air. “If that’s true, then there’s no need for you to start off hostile with us. All of this is a misunderstanding about maps, I’m certain. I met a couple of your hunters the other night. I explained a bit to them already.”

The human turned his attention on Lyrson then, some kind of recognition dawning in his eyes. “That was you? You’re the one who tried to sabotage one of our traps!”

“Excuse me? I did no such thing!” Lyrson was indignant, but tried to remain patient. After all, acting too rashly on a misunderstanding could only make things worse.

NaNoWriMo Day 9

Today was really fun to write! I started late, and I wasn’t sure what I’d actually go with, but once I got started it really took off. I’m introducing yet another new character, the final member of my golden trio for the main story.

Word Count: 2189


Someone was singing, near one of the campfires on the other side of the would-be village. A deep, throaty voice rose and fell with the breeze, clear notes of simple joy for life. The sun had set not an hour ago, but the moons already shone bright in the sky, their half-shadowed faces casting a gentle glow over the grasses beyond where the firelight reached.

There was Eldest moon – she always seemed to loom so close in the sky, vibrant gray that approached white in its brilliance. She had half her face covered, and she set the example for the others.

River moon – the sister who took her own path, she always hovered a bit farther away from the cluster formed by the others, and their arrangement never seemed to affect her. Like Eldest, her face was roughly half covered, with perhaps a bit more of it showing (she was always a bit ahead of the others – rushing like the river for which she was named).

Little Brother moon stayed close to Eldest, though he couldn’t shine as bright as she. His face, or what showed of it, was a darker grey in the sky. He glowed, but modestly.

Behind them all lurked Shadow moon. She was shy, so the stories said. She preferred to look upon the sleeping earth from behind the others. Her face was half shining like the others, but Little Brother hovered in front of her, hiding her partially from view in the sky.