Word Association: Chocolate!

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Jacob Andris has made chocolate exactly once in his life. When he was younger, he got in the idea that he wanted to make some homemade chocolate for his mother, and he confided in his dad about it (after debating on trying it himself … wise choice, kiddo). They managed to figure out all the ingredients and gather them without Mariana ever figuring it out … until she found the mess they made of her usually-spotless kitchen.

Luckily, the chocolate turned out okay, so Jacob and Nick were forgiven, though banned from the kitchen for a few days after that.

10 Facts about Jacob

( 10 Facts about my Characters )

HERE WE GO. Some of these people might already know, others might be new? Either way. Time to do the thing.

  1. Jacob Nicholas Andris is named after his father Nicholas and a grandfather on his mother’s side.
  2. His birthday is August 27th (coming up pretty soon actually)
  3. He is/was on his high school’s boxing team. In his canon story, he was unable to be on the team for his senior year of high school due to the events of Bowman of Wellwood.
  4. He broke his arm once in middle school.
  5. He’s decently proficient in Greek, as he learned it growing up from both his parents and especially in talking to his various grandparents, who insisted on him learning.
  6. His best friend is Qi Shi “Chase” Lisong, whom he met shortly after Chase’s family moved to the US from Jiuquan in China.
  7. For a short period of time, Chase’s younger sister Minnie had a crush on Jacob, a fact that Chase gives them both endless shit about.
  8. Jacob is asexual and aromantic! He went on one (1) date and discovered that it’s all more than he cares to deal with.
  9. Jacob learned his love of camping and the outdoors from his dad, who used to take him on small trips whenever he could.
  10. In his spare time, he reads a lot. Jacob knows he tends to look more like the big dumb jock than anything else, but he keeps himself fairly well-read.

Doing Good, Kiddo?

Jacob Andris – Fragile.

Reading Time: ~10 Minutes

Jacob Andris at 8 years old. Content Warning: Ailing family member

“Jacob, baby, you can come in the room if you want. He’s awake and we can all talk for a while.” Jacob looked up from his waiting room seat to see his mother’s tired face peeking out of the thick hospital door. The bags under her eyes had become a constant feature of her face, and her curls were always untucked from her hasty ponytails lately.

Jacob always pretended he didn’t notice. He had made the mistake of asking her once why she was so tired, wasn’t she sleeping? She had broken down into tears and apologized to him over and over, setting him up with some crayons and paper while she went to lie down.

He stood from his chair and drifted towards the door. The visits were always tense, lately. The nurses at the desk all knew his name, knew his face. They always had their friendly smiles for him, just a kid barely eight years old. Sometimes they’d sneak him a dollar for the vending machines, and in return he’d share his fruit snacks with them.

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