Excerpt: Visit Number Two

Anyone remember the little AU I made in which Jacob and Oscar met? It’s been quite some time since I wrote out that cute little encounter, but I’ve started some work on a follow up between the pair. For now, the second story doesn’t have an actual title, but that can come later. Enjoy a sneak peek!

Oscar fidgeted, shifting from one foot to the other in the wall vent. His gaze fixed on the opening into a motel room that no longer seemed quite the same as it had for years. The furniture hadn’t moved, and the dustbunny forest under the beds hadn’t been vacuumed up. The light from the window hit the carpet with the same muffled intensity as always.

No, the room was different now because a human that knew about him was staying there. It was both terrifying and confusing, and Oscar couldn’t decide which feeling was more prominent.

On one hand, a human knowing about him meant they could capture him. Could corner him and grab him in hands too big to escape. Could hurt him or even kill him without any effort at all. They were powerful, and he was meek and tiny.

On the other hand, a human had caught him. Jacob, a real tower of a human, had snatched Oscar right up. When Oscar thought the kid would keep him or punish him for stealing, Jacob had let him go. After giving him extra food to take with him when he left.

The conversation was awkward and scary, but Oscar couldn’t turn down the offer. With life as hard on him as it could be, he couldn’t afford stubborn pride. Jacob, despite being giant and looming and terrifying, seemed like a genuinely good person.

Somehow, he’d found out that Oscar had never had warm food before.

”You’re kidding me!” Jacob blurts, sending the percussive sound of his voice right through Oscar. “That means you’ve never had … pizza, or chili or … or anything cooked?”

Oscar purses his lips. He’s still suspended in the air, hanging from his climbing thread. Jacob, kneeling by the table, doesn’t seem to mind. “Um. Well. N-no,” Oscar stammers out. “It’s um. It’s hard to … to get anything like that. B-because people wanna watch it real close, or eat it real fast.”

Jacob falls silent for several seconds. Then, he says, more hesitantly this time, “Well, Oscar. I could get you something. If you wanna, uh, come back after dropping off your trail mix. I’ll order some warm food you can have.”

Oscar Meets Jacob (5/5)

Reading Time: ~5-10 minutes


“Oscar,” Jacob repeated. The shift in the tension in the air was palpable. Even though the little guy was curled up warily on the table, getting a name out of him felt like a step forward. A tiny step forward, but it was better than watching him cry and not knowing if he was hurt. Knowing he caused those tears had sent Jacob reeling.

“I’m Jacob,” he replied, allowing the faintest smile to cross his face. “Where, um, where did you come from, Oscar?”

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Oscar Meets Jacob (4/5)

Reading Time: ~5-10 minutes


Oscar’s shuddering never stopped. His heart pounded in his little chest and he had his arms tucked close to his chest while he gripped the strap of his cloth bag in terror. Wide eyes stared up at the human and waited for one of those enormous hands to return.

Oscar couldn’t stop anything that happened to him. He was too small.

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Oscar Meets Jacob (3/5)

Reading time: ~5-10 minutes


Jacob’s eyes widened. He let go of the tiny arm and his thumb released the little guy’s legs in pure surprise. The fear on that little face became more obvious just before it disappeared behind the miniature hands. The tiny person drew his knees up to his chest and curled into a protective ball, shoulders bouncing in time with his frantic sobs.

Suddenly, Jacob felt like such an ass.

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Oscar Meets Jacob (2/5)

Reading time: ~5-10 minutes


Oscar barely slipped an inch before his back impacted against something wide and warm, with a tough surface and a little give to it. A pulse thudded behind his back and he realized it was the human’s palm.

Then, fingers and a thumb bigger than him snaked into view. They curled around Oscar faster than he could cry out or even lift his own hands to push at them, and soon enough they tightened around his small body. The light from above winked out as Oscar disappeared completely in a fist that could probably smash half his home with ease.

He yelped when a voice, a deep, rumbling voice, boomed overhead. “Gotcha!” The word sent ice into Oscar’s every nerve ending.

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Oscar Meets Jacob (1/5)


What if indeed! Poor Oscar is one of my smallest characters and Jacob is one of my tallest! This is such a cute AU idea. Jacob’s meeting with Bowman was so touch and go, because the little sprite snarked up a storm! Oscar is definitely not the same personality type, so it was fun to see how differently Jacob would act with his first tiny encounter with such a timid little guy.

Reading time: ~5-10 minutes


There was nothing interesting on TV, but that didn’t really come as a surprise. Jacob didn’t watch a lot of television, and decent movies were tough to find on the channels offered by the kinds of small-town motels he chose on his frequent road trips. They went for basic, and that was always hit-or-miss.

Not that Breckenridge was particularly small. Jacob had chosen a little motel in the summer, however, a time when business in an area known for skiing could take a dip. Mountains stood tall and proud against the sky out the window while he lounged on the bed. It was a good place to stop and rest, even with the tacky decorations and worn-down character of the place.

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