First Prize: Quill

This one was a lot of fun. I haven’t brought Quill out in a very long time, but he seemed to fit quite well with the requested prompt for this story.  I hope to do more stories about his shenanigans in the future. Let me know if there is any interest!

The first prize for my Food Day Contest, as requested by . They requested a story like the lion and the mouse: in which the little guy is afraid of the bigger guy, but in the end comes to their aid. Hope I did it justice! 

Not Good. Very not good.

Quill leapt over a book on the floor, the pages crumpled and spine facing up. His hand brushed the embossed title as he slipped less than an inch over it and stumbled on the other side of the tome. Something crashed as he regained his momentum and ran. There had to be a place in the study that he could hide.

It looked like a study, anyway. Bookshelves from floor to faraway ceiling, thick carpet worn with age, an enormous work desk cluttered with papers.

His pen was still up on that desk, but he didn’t see himself having a chance to retrieve it. Considering how alarmed his current adversary had been to see him, he doubted the guy would allow him to just stroll back onto the desk like he owned the place.

It wasn’t his fault he’d fallen into existence right there and then. Quill had no control over that sort of thing.

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Third Prize: My Hero

The time has come to start posting the prizes for my Food Day Contest. In third place, we had nightmarejasmine , who requested a story with Elias Dawn and Eral the Arbor Pixie.

Some jokes just aren’t funny. As a demigod of mischief, Elias could attest to the fact that not everyone knew where that line was drawn. There was an art to it, a skill in doing no real harm with a trick. Sure, his trickster side sometimes almost went too far. Sometimes the temptation grew to cause more trouble than anyone deserved. But he never actually crossed that line, not when he was in control.

When the fellow at the bar raised his glass in a fake-drunk salute, Elias’ trickster side perked right up.

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February 2019 To-Do List

  • Finish final contest prize
  • Edit some existing projects
  • Work on Brothers Apart contest entry

January was a busy one with the goals I had set, and with a pretty significant drain on my energy that came about at work, but I made good progress on many of my goals the last month. I also got to take a very relaxing and much needed vacation to recharge some of the writing motivation.

There is nothing quite like good friends, cozy days, and not having a schedule.

Friendly reminder: If you have a prompt or an idea for a post, be sure to check out the contact page, which contains a form to send an idea right to me (it is anonymous; you don’t even have to fill in a name if you don’t want to!).

January 2019 To-Do List

  • Finish writing Goldfish and begin the editing process
  • Work on prizes for the Thanksgiving Contest
  • Post more content on the blog

New year just in time for me to be getting used to my new blog. I have a plan for some regular scheduled posts during each month, as well as any spontaneous shenanigans I get into. If you have a prompt or an idea for a post, be sure to check out the contact page, which contains a form to send an idea right to me (it is anonymous; you don’t even have to fill in a name if you don’t want to!).

Contest Winners

First of all, thank you to those who entered the contest, and thanks to those who followed it! I hope everyone had a good time! Oscar certainly had some chances at good food for Food Day~

In Third place, earning a 500-600 word story written by me, we have:

Food Day?  by  @nightmarejasmine​ 

This is such a cute little story. I can totally see Oscar being flustered that anyone would be angry on Food Day. He’d do his best to make sure everyone was enjoying themselves and having a lot to eat. It’d be the best day for him! Thank you so much for this charming and adorable story!

In Second place, earning a 1k word story written by me and a greyscale chibi by @creatorofuniverses​ :

Food Day  by @nightmares06

I loved this story about Oscar preparing for Food Day (he’s got to have all his chores in order for the big day!) and then going out borrowing. It really showcases how good of a borrower the little guy really is, and he earned some fantastic foods for all his effort. Thank you for bringing his celebration to life!

In First place, earning a 1.5-2k word story written by me and a colored chibi by @creatorofuniverses​ :

Oscar’s Food Day  by  panicattacknz

This story was such a ride! I was never sure where it might go next, but it all came together into such a lovely Food Day for Oscar. I especially love him helping his new buddy to work out his own Thanksgiving woes, and enjoying a warm meal with him in the meantime. Something tells me Sam and Dean would want to bring him more pie, if they could. Thanks for the wonderful Food Day adventure!

Thanks once again to everyone for helping Oscar have a good Food Day! I will be in contact with you soon to discuss your prizes.

“Food Day” Contest

This year I didn’t get my energy in a row in time to do another Halloween costume contest for my shy little borrower Oscar. However! In late November there comes a time when lots of humans are inexplicably more preoccupied with food (and lots of it). Oscar doesn’t know where this “Thanksgiving” holiday comes from, but he can definitely attest that a Food Day is a Good Day.

What I’d like to see from entries is your take on Thanksgiving for the little guy. It can be art or writing, as long as it includes some indication that Thanksgiving is involved. This contest isn’t going to run for very long and is meant to be more relaxed, so submissions need not be super fancy. Don’t do an extravagant painting or a novella for it (unless you want to, I guess!).

The deadline is December 8 at 11pm Central Standard Time.


  • Must include Oscar having some Thanksgiving fun. What kinds of food would he be most drawn to? That’s up to you to imagine.
  • Other characters are allowed, but the submission won’t be judged based on any other characters
  • Keep it clean and respectful; Thanksgiving does not mean the same thing to everyone, and it carries its own issues. That said, for many it is about family gatherings and an excuse to eat good food, and that’s the sort of feeling I’d like this contest to take inspiration from. Oscar is all about the chance for a feast!


Since it’s a short contest and it’s pretty chill, for now I have only a few prizes up for grabs. If I get a lot of entries, I can reconsider that and I’ll announce it as soon as I know.

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

  • 500-600 word story written by me


I’m guessing most people who follow me know who Oscar is from at least one story, but just in case, here’s a link to a few example pictures. Let me know if you need links to other resources about him; there are lots of stories out there to choose from.


In order to enter, you can post your entry on Tumblr or DeviantArt (if you don’t have an account on either, Archive of Our Own is also acceptable for writing). Then either @ me on tumblr or send me a note on DeviantArt (I am PL1 there). I’ll make a post with entries (or possibly add them to this one). If you made an entry and don’t see yours added to the list after a reasonable amount of time, let me know! There’s a chance I might miss it.