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Some news for the Unnamed Sad Oscar AU!

Brothers Apart


Does the unnamed Sad Oscar AU takes place in Brothers Consulted?

Oh gosh. You’re the first person to guess that!

Theunnamed Sad Oscar AUis indeed secretly a part ofBrothers Consulted. At some point during the writing of it, my cowriters couldn’t stand it any longer, and through nudges and some Upset conversations, it was decided that he needed a rescue inBrothers Consulted. So that“The End?” on the last installment was a red herring! It’s not truly the end of the Sad Oscar AU. Everything after that, well, it involves a Plot fromBrothers Consultedthat you will all have to wait and see (luckily it got voted in as the next story, so you’ll get closer to being able to guess the answer).

Of course, with BC and Oscar that means he willhaveto meet the Baker Street crew someday. One…

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Oscar vs. the Rooster


@enby-phoenix of course I would. The kitchen is filled with little rooster figurines. Oscar… doesn’t like them. At all. (Sawyer finds this hilarious but would never let it show. Oscar grips his hand pretty tightly whenever they encounter one.)

Sawyer belongs to me, Oscar belongs to @neonthebright, the roosters are their own gods.

Still Standing Still

Lucky number 13, another installment of the Sad Oscar AU. Oscar did manage to survive his last misadventure, but what next?

Sad Oscar AU )

Oscar gripped the bars to either side with all the strength his hands could offer. His knuckles were even paler than his usual and his arms shook from the weight of even his small body. They weren’t used to doing so much work to hold him up, even with the parallel rails made just for him.

He didn’t have many options. It was that, or crawl everywhere for the rest of his life.

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Word Association: Ice cream

Send me a word and I’ll tell you one OC fact related to it

Y’all and your food asks making me hungry lol…

Oscar, in most of his AUs, is both curious and nervous to try ice cream. He’s no stranger to cold food, and he knows it melts in the hot weather and that humans really like it, but beyond that it’s a little bit of a mystery to him. He wouldn’t like the thought of making a mess with it and giving away his secret, but a food that popular must be so yummy, right?

Pocket Oz


It’s everybody’s favorite smol friend, courtesy of a request from @neonthebright! I don’t usually draw adult Oscar, but I had the scene from the latest Food and Monsters story in my head and I couldn’t help but draw it. Adult Oscar is pretty much just kiddo Oscar but with longer arms and a slightly thinner face lol.

Oscar belongs to @neonthebright, art by me!