NaNoWriMo Day 12

I was off to a slower start today, but then the characters sort of reminded me of the plot. It’s getting to be a lot of fun! Not that Finnraal thinks so.

Word Count: 25250


“I am, well, I’m a death god.”

Finnraal frowned. “Another death god?”

Percival replied with a shy smile and held up his hand with only his thumb tucked towards his palm. “I don’t blame you for not knowing, but I’m actually the fourth death god. But that is beside the point.”

NaNoWriMo Day 10

I attended my first Write In today! It was very chill. Basically imagine going to the library and working on writing and not really talking much to the people around you, but you’re all there for the same thing. That’s what the write in was like.

Word Count: 21340


They reached the bend in the tunnel and rounded it together, only to find that the visitor had backed off even further. He was several feet away, awkward in demeanor from his mussed, straw-colored hair to the worn leather boots that spoke of long travels on rocky roads. He wore a tunic that had long since faded from its original green dye work, and his trousers had a similar well traveled look.

Despite his rumpled style, though, the man had a face full of youth and health, much more befitting the noble origins of his clothes. Blue eyes regarded them with a sharp intelligence that contrasted with his shy stance.

“Ah. Hello,” he stammered. “I admit I’m a bit unsure of how to greet you.”

“Most people start with hello, so you’re off to a promising start,” Tarin said. In anyone else’s voice it might have been cutting sarcasm. In his, it was gentle and delivered without an ounce of teasing.

Pantheon Spotlight: Death Gods

The pantheon of Muunfel has four different gods of death, and one former god of death whose position has been usurped. In the original creation of gods, two death gods came to be, and since then three have ascended.

Cel/Erom, God of the Journey’s End

Depending on the region, this god of righteous and heroic death has two names. Cel is a stalwart protector of the souls that have died fighting a battle (and the definition of a battle can be loose). His luminous wings are said to be the source of the first light of morning, a tribute to the heroes that passed the day before.

Sarin & Corbin

Sarin was one of the first gods, and his domain was once over murderous and unjust death. His position was usurped by Corbin, who ascended with the help of a very accomplished sorceress that rumors say had been a one-time lover to Sarin. Corbin now presides over disasters and murders, and Sarin is still learning his role as the god of machines.

Clover, The Dead God

Clover was an accomplished doctor and healer in her life as a human. Her dedication to her duty caught Cel’s eye. Her life happened to coincide with the first known case of a mortal ascending to godhood, and Cel was determined to have Clover among the pantheon.

Knowing these plans, Sarin had her killed. Cel defied his own domain to prevent Clover from dying, and helped her to ascend instead. This, however, made her the first undead, and thereafter the undead could roam the world with Clover as their patron goddess.

Percival, The Dreamweaver

Percival is one of the more recent ascended gods, but his place among the death gods is welcome. In life, Percival entertained the sick and dying with his music playing, and he had a particular charm with young children. This opened a path for him to become the god of child death, a more gentle hand to lead young souls to rest. He is also a god of dreams, and these skills of his are often linked.