Fairy Tales Lore Bits #8

Shadow sprites are a bit different from their cousins. Rather than having to open up a connection to their Spirit and voice a Prayer for magic to use, they are always connected to the Night Spirit. The Lady of Secrets grants Her children a few basic abilities that they can tap into at any time, but this ease comes at a price.

Direct sunlight will drive Her back, and it is painful for the sprite caught in it. Other forms of light are a bit itchy, but don’t have the same symbolic effect on them. As the Spirit retreats from sunlight, so does the magic the sprite needs to survive in the shadows. They can be blinded and their skin can be permanently lightened in places that were illuminated. Healing takes a while, though the Spirit will eventually reconnect if the sprite survives.

Word Association: Cicadas

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Indigo Seraf (a shadow sprite) once got caught in a small swarm of cicadas while she was flying home. The big bulky bugs nearly knocked her out of the air, and quite a few earned a solid kick. She didn’t want all their buzzing to alert her father to the fact that she had snuck out again.

Shadow and Wraith Sprites

For the answer about shadow sprites, I will direct you to this post, one of the first ones I made for the shadow sprites. Shadow sprites, beings created by the Night Spirit, are often maligned in folklore. This is something that they share with the wraith sprites, despite appearances being very different.

Wraith sprites tend to be pale skinned, with any variety of hair and eye color (generally the colors are muted; nothing bright). They are flightless sprites, and make their homes in the hollow spaces of human dwellings more often than not. On their backs, instead of wings, they sport two sets of colored quills, that usually match the color of their hair. The quills can be relaxed or they can fan open.

When open, wraith quillwings are like psychic radio receptors, enabling the sprite to listen in on the surface thoughts of beings around them. This plays into the way their colonies usually interact with one another – secrets are few and conversations can pass silently.

I don’t have a lot of wraith sprite characters made yet, but one of the noteworthy ones is Teven Silver, who will be an important character in one of my upcoming stories.

Fairy Tales Lore Bits #3

The wings of the major sprite varieties are varied, sort of as a reflection of the varying personalities of the Spirits that created them.

Wood Sprites have two leaf-like wings each, vibrant green and shaped vaguely like bat’s wings. These wings are dexterous and speedy, and give wood sprites some of the best aerial mobility out of any variety. They also contain chlorophyll and enable the sprites to photosynthesize for energy just like any plant.

Shadow Sprites are naturally wingless. They use the magic borrowed from their Spirit to weave shadows into cloth, and they shape that cloth into cloaks that they use as wings. Oftentimes shadow sprites can be mistaken for bats in the night sky.

Water Sprites have four wings on their backs much like butterflies do. Their wings, however, are not for flight but for swimming; they are excellent fins that enable them to jump high above the water but not to fly. Depending on which body of water they live in, the finwings of the water sprites can have different shapes or patterns.

Fairy Tales Lore Bits #2

When sprites mix across species, the child takes on more traits of their biological mother because of birthing constraints and the hormones available. Without new mixed genetics, it takes about four or five generations for mixed traits to disappear, however the connection to the Spirit takes almost three times that long to completely fade.

When mixed, the Spirits share a connection to the sprite. The resulting sprite may Pray to either, but can never have the full connection required for the Voice of the Spirit. Because of that shared connection, the Spirits involved must get along well enough and trust one another to be so close to a potential flow of their magic. Some sprite pairings cannot produce offspring because of this.

Fairy Tales Lore Bits #1

There are six Major Spirits in the Fairy Tales Mythos:

  • Spirit – Title – Sprite 
  • Earth Spirit – Lady of Life – Wood sprites
  • Night Spirit – Lady of Secrets – Shadow sprites
  • Water Spirit – Lord of Purity – Water sprites
  • Fire Spirit – Lord of Change – Fire sprites
  • Sky Spirit – Lady of Freedom – Air sprites
  • Sight Spirit – Keeper of Memory – Wraith sprites

Other minor Spirits exist, but they don’t often create sprites and when they do, they are not widespread. They cannot create offspring with the major sprites, either, because the Spirits that made them can’t share a soulspace with a Major Spirit. Only one Spirit has ever transitioned from Minor to Major: The Sight Spirit.

Back to the doll generator to create a look for one of my newer Fairy Tales characters. Indigo Elena Seraf is a shadow sprite, a wingless variety of sprite. They owe their creation to the Night Spirit, the Lady of Secrets.

About Shadow Sprites

Shadow sprites are beings of the night, quite literally. While most sprites need to Pray to a Spirit to borrow magic and make use of some fantastic abilities, the magic of the Night Spirit is always flowing through them. Their skin and hair is always a deep black to reflect this. Their eyes can vary in color, with shades of red being the most common.

The constant magic of the Night Spirit enables shadow sprites to cling to any surface, much like a spider, though even smooth surfaces cause them no trouble. They are also able to tug on the shadows around them to pull it into a solid shape. From this, they make thread and weave cloth, which they use to make their clothes.

The shadow cloth is also used to create a cloak of sorts that they wear like bat wings, and with these cloaks the shadow sprites are able to fly.

Light, because it irritates the Night Spirit Herself, irritates the skin of the shadow sprites. Most lights are intensely uncomfortable at best, creating an almost skin-crawling itch. Sunlight, however, being directly opposite the Night, burns them as the Spirit retreats from the light’s touch. If a sprite is burned too badly by the sun, they can lose their abilities until the Night Spirit is able to reconnect with them.