Fairy Tales Lore Bits #9

Wraith sprite quills can break if put under stress. They usually grow back eventually, but in the meantime it may affect some of their abilities, especially if more than one quill breaks. There aren’t too many nerves out near the tips, so it isn’t necessarily a painful injury to bear, but they can feel the gaps and greater difficulty with mental signals. For a people quite used to sharing surface thoughts with their community, it can get frustrating very fast.

Throwback Thursday

In the Fairy Tales universe with all the sprites, originally I was going to include a lot more fantasy creatures hiding in plain sight. I was even going to have little dragons (maxing out at about two feet long). As I wrote more and built up the lore for the sprites, I decided to focus on just them. Sprites, in their variety, are responsible for a lot of different fairy myths.

If Bowman realized this, he’d be quite miffed.

Inspiration Tuesday

Though I have many varieties of sprites that I like to play with in my Fairy Tales sandbox, the wood sprites are my first love. Images of forests with their lush greenery and natural curves and lines always bring the wood sprites to mind. Where would they set up their homes? What would they cultivate the most in their free time? What games would they play? The green and gold of a forest in its peak is the essence of a wood sprite.

Images sourced from Pexels.

Anonymous Ask: Souls


They would be a little surprised to learn that humans have souls at all. Not because they think they’re monsters necessarily, but to sprites, their souls are like little pieces of the Spirit they pray to. Since humans don’t have one of the Spirits connected to them, it would be a bit surprising to find out that they have souls from an entirely different source.

Knowing how powerful a soul is would be less of a surprise. Souls are nothing to be trifled with, no matter the source. They might be worried about where those human souls go, if they don’t have a Spirit that will take them in. Heaven and Hell would not be easy concepts for them to grasp.

Bowman himself would be as belligerent as he is about anything a human tells him. Especially if he can’t actually see or feel any proof of it. If he actually saw a human soul, he’d be both mollified and also wondering why it’s just kinda floating around. Doesn’t it have places to be. Free it.

Shadow and Wraith Sprites

For the answer about shadow sprites, I will direct you to this post, one of the first ones I made for the shadow sprites. Shadow sprites, beings created by the Night Spirit, are often maligned in folklore. This is something that they share with the wraith sprites, despite appearances being very different.

Wraith sprites tend to be pale skinned, with any variety of hair and eye color (generally the colors are muted; nothing bright). They are flightless sprites, and make their homes in the hollow spaces of human dwellings more often than not. On their backs, instead of wings, they sport two sets of colored quills, that usually match the color of their hair. The quills can be relaxed or they can fan open.

When open, wraith quillwings are like psychic radio receptors, enabling the sprite to listen in on the surface thoughts of beings around them. This plays into the way their colonies usually interact with one another – secrets are few and conversations can pass silently.

I don’t have a lot of wraith sprite characters made yet, but one of the noteworthy ones is Teven Silver, who will be an important character in one of my upcoming stories.

NaNoWriMo Day 24 (FINAL)

Progress for Fairy Tales: Teven of Nowhere

Today’s Word Count:  3700 words

Total Word Count:  50,000 words!!!!!!

Favorite Excerpt:  
“‘You’re right about that. The stupid giant may seem like a brute but he’s actually very careful,’ I agreed.

Rischa giggled and smacked my arm with the back of her hand. ‘Bowman, be nice, Jacob is your best friend!’

‘I am being nice,’ I told her, grinning wide.”

Alright! So this is another year of NaNoWriMo completed, and another challenge met! I was super excited when the characters started taking the wheel tonight, because this means for Thanksgiving I don’t need to mope about not getting any word count done. XD It was a real bummer last year.

I will not be updating the tumblr anymore with progress on Teven, though rest assured I will continue to write it! I can’t stop now! It’s probably going to be about twice the NaNo goal when it’s all done, realistically. ^^; But! I’m glad to have done it, and thanks to anyone who followed this silly adventure of mine and supported me along the way! You’re the best!

Also, have a happy Thanksgiving, if you celebrate it!