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Ahhh, so many great questions! I’m so excited to receive all of these and get myself thinking about these guys again. ❤

A lot of these should be made into drabbles eventually. There’s never too much Chase and his giant Jacob.

For the care and keeping of the giant, I imagine him being allotted his own area in some unfarmed land, with a pond or something to use. He’s familiar with roughing it, so he’d probably know some tricks to keep himself sorted out there. As for food, he could start raising his own herd of cattle, either as a hired hand for someone or the city, and he could have that as a source of food. Fishing is another good idea, though he’d have to make sure he didn’t overdo it and take all the catch from the Lilliputian fishermen!

As for Chase, I think he’d have to take some time to get used to the sight of a giant eating. Almost anyone would, really. But he also knows for certain that Jacob won’t hurt anyone, so that will help him adjust a lot.

If Jacob got caught out in the rain, he might not be able to keep himself dry very easily, but at least the raindrops would be small for him! And he could be an umbrella for his tiny buddy. Those two will end up hanging out a lot, probably arguing about all kinds of things and teasing each other. It’d be just like in their canon stories, but with Jacob as a great big giant marshmallow instead!

I definitely need to do something for the other townsfolk (and kids especially) getting used to him. I’ll have to include Bobby Loran somehow, right? 😉