In the Upside Down


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This one ended up well outside my usual fare. Mostly because once my brain decided to associate Dark with the Upside Down, there was no going back. So here, have some cracky Stranger Things fanfic.

“Jacob?” Bowman called. He hated the way his voice wavered.

He couldn’t help it. Wood sprites thrived in the sun with light spreading over their wings. Bowman’s eyes, adjusted to the brightest summer days or the stark winter ones, were not ready for this. Even the moon was nowhere to be seen.

Leaves and grass rustled. Bowman’s eyes were wide, but he could barely see silhouettes.

Long branches reached out overhead, spindly and gnarled. Their shapes against the sky reminded Bowman of a thornbush, and their leaves were sparse and dry.

Those were no Wellwood trees.

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