NaNoWriMo Day 10

I attended my first Write In today! It was very chill. Basically imagine going to the library and working on writing and not really talking much to the people around you, but you’re all there for the same thing. That’s what the write in was like.

Word Count: 21340


They reached the bend in the tunnel and rounded it together, only to find that the visitor had backed off even further. He was several feet away, awkward in demeanor from his mussed, straw-colored hair to the worn leather boots that spoke of long travels on rocky roads. He wore a tunic that had long since faded from its original green dye work, and his trousers had a similar well traveled look.

Despite his rumpled style, though, the man had a face full of youth and health, much more befitting the noble origins of his clothes. Blue eyes regarded them with a sharp intelligence that contrasted with his shy stance.

“Ah. Hello,” he stammered. “I admit I’m a bit unsure of how to greet you.”

“Most people start with hello, so you’re off to a promising start,” Tarin said. In anyone else’s voice it might have been cutting sarcasm. In his, it was gentle and delivered without an ounce of teasing.

NaNoWriMo Day 2

Things are going along nicely so far! I’m having fun introducing a bunch of new characters, and especially getting to know Finnraal. Writing Finnraal is a bit of a new challenge for me and will probably take a lot of work in the long run, but I’m excited to bring him to life.

Word Count: 4136


Some of the weight of the world always seemed to leave him behind when he crossed the threshold. The space he called his own with Tarin, from the large, somewhat lumpy bed to the writing desk where they drew up their various plans, to the curtained off bath area that they kept to themselves, wasn’t glamorous. Some of the apartments in the world above were far more opulent and bright, but they couldn’t quite match the charm of Finn’s little warren.

He all but ripped the bandanna from around his neck and discarded it on the floor while also slipping out of his boots. As he crossed the short distance to the bed, he also lifted his tunic over his head, also leaving it on the floor. Tarin would probably have words for him about it, but as he all but flopped onto the bedcovers, Finn resolved not to mind until it came to it. He could clean up after himself, but for now he had other matters to attend to.