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Anonymous asked: This might seem like an odd question, but did you ever finish teven of nowhere?? i remember you posting about it for nanowrimo years ago but i never saw where it went. if it’s still a project you’re working on, i’d love to read it!! i just remember being incredibly intrigued by the story from what i saw

Oh! This isn’t an odd question, but a feel-good one.

Teven of Nowhere (the sequel to Bowman of Wellwood) is still something I’m working on, definitely. However, it sort of took a back burner when I put all of my energy into editing and re-editing Bowman’s story so I could get it ready for publishing. That also involved a few slight tweaks of the plot, which would translate into Teven’s story as well.

I’ve definitely not forgotten Teven and my little wraith sprites, however, and that project is one of the next big ones on my list. Thanks so much for asking about it!

Character Heights

( From this post )

I’ll just give a handful of my OCs for this one.

Bowman Leafwing: 4″
Jacob Andris: 6′ 5″
Chase Lisong: 5′ 3″
Bobby Loran: 5′ 6″
Rischa Songbird: 2.4″
Teven Silver: 3.5″
Indigo Seraf: 3.6″

Oscar: 3.25″

Elias Dawn: 6′
Eral the Arbor Pixie: 6″
Cira Dawn: 5’ 6″

Shadow and Wraith Sprites

For the answer about shadow sprites, I will direct you to this post, one of the first ones I made for the shadow sprites. Shadow sprites, beings created by the Night Spirit, are often maligned in folklore. This is something that they share with the wraith sprites, despite appearances being very different.

Wraith sprites tend to be pale skinned, with any variety of hair and eye color (generally the colors are muted; nothing bright). They are flightless sprites, and make their homes in the hollow spaces of human dwellings more often than not. On their backs, instead of wings, they sport two sets of colored quills, that usually match the color of their hair. The quills can be relaxed or they can fan open.

When open, wraith quillwings are like psychic radio receptors, enabling the sprite to listen in on the surface thoughts of beings around them. This plays into the way their colonies usually interact with one another – secrets are few and conversations can pass silently.

I don’t have a lot of wraith sprite characters made yet, but one of the noteworthy ones is Teven Silver, who will be an important character in one of my upcoming stories.

NaNoWriMo Day 24 (FINAL)

Progress for Fairy Tales: Teven of Nowhere

Today’s Word Count:  3700 words

Total Word Count:  50,000 words!!!!!!

Favorite Excerpt:  
“‘You’re right about that. The stupid giant may seem like a brute but he’s actually very careful,’ I agreed.

Rischa giggled and smacked my arm with the back of her hand. ‘Bowman, be nice, Jacob is your best friend!’

‘I am being nice,’ I told her, grinning wide.”

Alright! So this is another year of NaNoWriMo completed, and another challenge met! I was super excited when the characters started taking the wheel tonight, because this means for Thanksgiving I don’t need to mope about not getting any word count done. XD It was a real bummer last year.

I will not be updating the tumblr anymore with progress on Teven, though rest assured I will continue to write it! I can’t stop now! It’s probably going to be about twice the NaNo goal when it’s all done, realistically. ^^; But! I’m glad to have done it, and thanks to anyone who followed this silly adventure of mine and supported me along the way! You’re the best!

Also, have a happy Thanksgiving, if you celebrate it!

NaNoWriMo Day 20

Progress for Fairy Tales: Teven of Nowhere

Today’s Word Count:  2000 words

Total Word Count:  41,200 words

Favorite Excerpt:  

“Logan is in our colony’s shared memory history … like the archives you told us about but we keep it in our heads,” he began. “He … we thought he was a good human, but he betrayed us…”

Pretty good day today. I managed to drabble a little bit in my journal during the day for the first time in forever. The speaker, by the way, is a little wraithlet named Lore. His daddy is Teven Silver, the titular character of the story.

NaNoWriMo Day 14

Progress for Fairy Tales: Teven of Nowhere

Today’s Word Count:  3000 words

Total Word Count:  31,600 words

Favorite Excerpt:  “’I’m just amazed that they’d want to live so close to humans. You’re so big and loud,’ Bowman quipped, raising an eyebrow at Jacob as if daring him to refute the simple claim. Jacob shrugged at him and raised an eyebrow right back. Bowman was lucky that Jacob’s breakfast was more interesting at the moment than poking the sprite.”

Wow. I made that word count with only ten minutes left to go before midnight. I think that’s the closest I’ve ever cut it before. XD But I wanted to make up for yesterday. I made a lot of good progress. I got Teven cooperating (He was being a little priss yesterday) and then I got more than halfway through a chapter with Jacob, my resident cinnamon roll. Seriously too good for this world. I dunno why I’m so mean to him.

NaNoWriMo Day 13

Progress for Fairy Tales: Teven of Nowhere

Today’s Word Count:  1100 words

Total Word Count:  28,600 words

Favorite Excerpt:  “Teven had rotten luck and he was not going to let the human have a pass for causing all of it.

He crossed his arms and tapped a foot on the desk. It was useless to try to run right now. The human’s arms were resting on the desk and, intentionally or not, they walled him in. So instead he focused a scathing glare on the human, waiting for him to figure it out.”

Ugh. Today was kind of a drag for writing in all projects of mine. I felt so slow. XD At least the weekend is upon us. I can make up for this lapse tomorrow. And then some. In other news, Teven Silver continues to be a darling little sass baby and I’m so excited to write more.

NaNoWriMo Day 12

Progress for Fairy Tales: Teven of Nowhere

Today’s Word Count:  2000 words

Total Word Count:  27,500 words

Favorite Excerpt:  “After his squirming did absolutely nothing for a few more seconds, Teven huffed in frustration. He leaned his elbow on the human’s nearest knuckle and propped his chin on it while he drummed the fingers of his other hand idly. After raising an eyebrow, his look of bemused disdain was complete and he finally spoke up.

‘When I suggested you let me out, this wasn’t what I had in mind, I hope you realize.’ “

Wow I procrastinated a lot today. It wasn’t really that I didn’t know what to write. I knew what was supposed to come out. But the characters were kind of ornery today for some reason. I have reached a transitional point in the story, the “hmmm intrigue might be happening?” moments. So that might have something to do with it.

NaNoWriMo Day 11

Progress for Fairy Tales: Teven of Nowhere

Today’s Word Count:  2300 words

Total Word Count:  25,500 words

Favorite Excerpt:  “The human’s voice broke the silence again. It was loud, and deep, and it made Teven flinch despite his best efforts not to react to the man’s very presence. It was hard to believe he’d heard this voice thousands of times before without ever feeling an ounce of fear for it.

Being caged like an animal made a lot of difference.”

Woo! I broke the halfway point! And I’m still just getting into the intrigue of the story! This one is probably gonna be long, like Bowman of Wellwood, which ended up around 95k words all told. But I’m really happy with how it’s progressing. I’m kind of excited to get to the weekend and see how much I can get through now that I’ve come this far. 🙂

NaNoWriMo Day 10

Progress for Fairy Tales: Teven of Nowhere

Today’s Word Count:  2100 words

Total Word Count:  23,200 words

Favorite Excerpt:  “Was … was everyone looking at my thoughts just now?” I asked Teven, who had an awed look of his own on his face.

He nodded absently, and then blinked and chuckled. “Yes, my apologies,” he replied. “The minds of others are sometimes difficult for us not to notice. It’s not your fault, by any means; you’ve never needed to train to keep your thoughts from projecting, I would guess.”

Today was easier, as I expected. Those wraiths just flowed and cooperated so much that I finished Chapter 5 and made good progress into 6. This whole story requires a little more subtlety than Bowman of Wellwood did, which I think is fitting for the wraith sprites. But it’s certainly a different approach to story writing for me! I’m having so much fun.