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myimaginedairybeard asked:

It kinda looks as if BC Dean is even MORE afraid of heights than the one in BL. Is this because of the airplane? I mean, we have bad Oscar had dealt with it in the Sad Oscar au (SAVE HIM °^°) speaking of oz, the Sad Oscar au was the first time/au Oz had used his Pyrokinesis knack (you once said that if he had a knack this would be it. And cooling off a burning hot metal seems to fit that title of fire power), so does that mean we’re going to see it soon enough in other aus as well?


Oh wow, this ask went in a few unexpected directions on its way to the end! 

I’ll leave the Oscar stuff to neon 

Dean in Brothers Consulted is absolutely more afraid of heights and flying than his Lost or canon SPN counterparts. It went from a basic phobia to a full-fledged PTSD. 

He’s coming to terms with hitching a ride on Sherlock’s shoulder, with the help of the scarf for support and to help hide the surroundings, but he’s not good when it comes to getting picked up and lifted without warning. 

Given time, he’ll get through those reactions, but planes. PLANES. He’s never going to be able to ride an airplane without a full-blown panic reaction, hyperventilating and losing sight of if he’s with friends or enemies. 

That plane ride happened when they were kids, they were trapped in a box, the entire world rattled around them for a full 10 hours before disembarking in a place where Dean had never been. Any fear of heights he ever had amped up several levels higher. 

The saddest part is Dean wouldn’t fully realize this until he’s on a plane and it turns on, because it’s triggered by the sounds more than the sights.



I am so pleased that you noticed that detail! It wasn’t a very obvious moment, but you are correct that Oscar’s pyrokinesis knack activated in the Sad Oscar AU when he was being branded (which is why even he didn’t realize it – he was far too busy being upset and terrified and in pain). Now that we know Sad Oscar AU is actually Brothers Consulted, we might just see how he eventually further develops that ability!  Dean’s gonna be so jealous.

As for other AUs, I’m always looking for opportunities to give him a reason for his knack to appear. Since he was born a wee borrower, it will only show up if he has a true need for it, and a need for the ability to manipulate fire doesn’t come along often. But don’t think we’re above stressing the little guy out with some fire someday!

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Some news for the Unnamed Sad Oscar AU!

Brothers Apart


Does the unnamed Sad Oscar AU takes place in Brothers Consulted?

Oh gosh. You’re the first person to guess that!

Theunnamed Sad Oscar AUis indeed secretly a part ofBrothers Consulted. At some point during the writing of it, my cowriters couldn’t stand it any longer, and through nudges and some Upset conversations, it was decided that he needed a rescue inBrothers Consulted. So that“The End?” on the last installment was a red herring! It’s not truly the end of the Sad Oscar AU. Everything after that, well, it involves a Plot fromBrothers Consultedthat you will all have to wait and see (luckily it got voted in as the next story, so you’ll get closer to being able to guess the answer).

Of course, with BC and Oscar that means he willhaveto meet the Baker Street crew someday. One…

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Still Standing Still

Lucky number 13, another installment of the Sad Oscar AU. Oscar did manage to survive his last misadventure, but what next?

Sad Oscar AU )

Oscar gripped the bars to either side with all the strength his hands could offer. His knuckles were even paler than his usual and his arms shook from the weight of even his small body. They weren’t used to doing so much work to hold him up, even with the parallel rails made just for him.

He didn’t have many options. It was that, or crawl everywhere for the rest of his life.

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Here we are with another installment for sad Oscar. I couldn’t really think of a place to split it up, so it’s all here. Brace.

Sad Oscar AU )

Oscar didn’t move from the doll couch for a long time. He memorized the pattern on the ceiling, then forgot it again so he could observe it anew with the later-afternoon glare across it. His breathing was slow and trance-like, but every noise in the vast human house kept his heart rate on a sprint and he wouldn’t dare let his guard down.

When he finally heard the unmistakable cadence of footsteps approaching the room his dollhouse was opulently displayed in, he sat up. Through the glass front of his cage-house, he could survey the entrance to the room.

A large part of him wanted to dive behind doll furniture and hide, but his training petrified him to his seat. He didn’t want to risk upsetting the humans who bought him. Who owned him.

It didn’t take long for Charlotte to appear in the doorway like she was walking on stage for a performance. She walked with a proud air, confidence rattling in the floor upon every step. Her presence filled the room in a way that suggested she was used to attention and praise, and expected it regularly.

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Forever Home

It’s time to check in on little Oscar again. He’s had such a rough time of late. I should also note that my plans suggest only two more updates after Forever Home. We’re nearing the end of the Unnamed Sad Oscar AU that swept us all up in the feels.

Sad Oscar AU )

Oscar squirmed uncomfortably, but he didn’t dare struggle as much as he wanted to. Trapped in a hand, he wouldn’t have anywhere to go if he were to escape. More than that, his training still rang loudly in his memory despite how long it had been.

Weeks, maybe months, had gone by. Oscar had been “adopted,” so the humans liked to call it. He knew what that really meant.

He was theirs. Their own living doll, a pet to hold and play with whenever they wished.

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They Never Buy Pairs

It’s the tenth update for the Sad Oscar AU! When it began, I definitely didn’t have much direction planned out for what would happen to the poor guy. Now, I have a plan, and even (eventually) an ending to the story/AU! Let’s take one more step on the adventure. Poor lil guy.

Sad Oscar AU )

“Good news, Ollie. You’ve been bought.”

The voice was loud and harsh, forcing Oscar out of sleep earlier than he was used to. He barely parsed the words by the time he thought to open his eyes. A hand loomed in his vision and sent a bolt of fear through him.

No matter how many months he’d spent in captivity, that never became an easier sight. Never.

He shot upright as the fingers reached him. Not to escape–he knew better. Standing meant the hand wouldn’t force him into an uncomfortable ball when it gathered him up. Instead, the fingers slipped around him and closed in unbreakable coils. Only his head and shoulders remained free of the uncomfortable pressure all around him. He held in his squeak of discomfort.

Voicing fear never got him anything good. At best, it went ignored. At worst, he could get reprimanded. The customers didn’t want them too afraid.

That’s what the salesman always repeated to Oscar and his friend and fellow captive, Jacob. Over and over in their training, their conditioning. Until, of course, weeks ago when Jacob was sold and Oscar was left all alone again.

Don’t get attached. They never buy pairs. It was coming true right before his eyes.

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Conditioning (2/2)

Sad Oscar AU ) ( Part 1 )

Jacob.” The warning tone in the human’s voice startled them both. They flinched back and looked up to find the human staring darkly down at them.

Only a second later, he slammed a fist on the table barely two inches from where they stood, and Oscar cried out. They both fell back to a seat.

“Oliver here hasn’t been through any conditioning before, so I can understand his lapse, but you, Jacob? You know the rules,” the human said, as disappointed as a person could be. He took a seat at the table and clasped his hands in front of him. “Care to tell us which rule you just broke?”

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