Fairy Tales Lore Bits #6

Water sprites come in a couple distinct varieties, with different fin shapes and general skintone ranges to fit their environment.

Lake/River: Their finwings are the most reminiscent of butterfly wings. They have soft curved shapes, and the patterning on them tends to run perpendicular to the many bones within the fins. These sprites have a silvery grey range of skintones.

Ocean/Tropical: These water sprites have more blue than grey in their skin, and often the pattern on the front side of their finwings is lighter than on the back. The patterning tends to run parallel to the bones in the finwings, which are slightly more angular in shape.

Deep Ocean: Elusive deep sea water sprites’s finwings are very sharp in shape, and don’t bear any patterns on their own. These sprites have very dark blue or grey skin, and the fins on their legs are more pronounced than on other varieties. Their skin and wings can light up in bioluminescent patterns for communication, and because of their deep ocean adaptation they are extremely durable beings.

Fairy Tales Lore Bits #3

The wings of the major sprite varieties are varied, sort of as a reflection of the varying personalities of the Spirits that created them.

Wood Sprites have two leaf-like wings each, vibrant green and shaped vaguely like bat’s wings. These wings are dexterous and speedy, and give wood sprites some of the best aerial mobility out of any variety. They also contain chlorophyll and enable the sprites to photosynthesize for energy just like any plant.

Shadow Sprites are naturally wingless. They use the magic borrowed from their Spirit to weave shadows into cloth, and they shape that cloth into cloaks that they use as wings. Oftentimes shadow sprites can be mistaken for bats in the night sky.

Water Sprites have four wings on their backs much like butterflies do. Their wings, however, are not for flight but for swimming; they are excellent fins that enable them to jump high above the water but not to fly. Depending on which body of water they live in, the finwings of the water sprites can have different shapes or patterns.

Fairy Tales Lore Bits #2

When sprites mix across species, the child takes on more traits of their biological mother because of birthing constraints and the hormones available. Without new mixed genetics, it takes about four or five generations for mixed traits to disappear, however the connection to the Spirit takes almost three times that long to completely fade.

When mixed, the Spirits share a connection to the sprite. The resulting sprite may Pray to either, but can never have the full connection required for the Voice of the Spirit. Because of that shared connection, the Spirits involved must get along well enough and trust one another to be so close to a potential flow of their magic. Some sprite pairings cannot produce offspring because of this.

Fairy Tales Lore Bits #1

There are six Major Spirits in the Fairy Tales Mythos:

  • Spirit – Title – Sprite 
  • Earth Spirit – Lady of Life – Wood sprites
  • Night Spirit – Lady of Secrets – Shadow sprites
  • Water Spirit – Lord of Purity – Water sprites
  • Fire Spirit – Lord of Change – Fire sprites
  • Sky Spirit – Lady of Freedom – Air sprites
  • Sight Spirit – Keeper of Memory – Wraith sprites

Other minor Spirits exist, but they don’t often create sprites and when they do, they are not widespread. They cannot create offspring with the major sprites, either, because the Spirits that made them can’t share a soulspace with a Major Spirit. Only one Spirit has ever transitioned from Minor to Major: The Sight Spirit.

A Chance Encounter (2/2)

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#12: “Please don’t be afraid of me. I’m not dangerous, I’m just big.” with Jacob Andris of Fairy Tales: Bowman of Wellwood.

Part 1

“Ah,” he muttered quietly, moving to hold up a placating hand. Jacob, in his curiosity, had all but trapped the tiny sprite by the rocks. She couldn’t risk slipping into the deeper waters without putting herself closer to him.

He remembered how terrified Bowman was of him when they first met. And, ruefully, he remembered how often Bowman scolded him for the simple crime of being tall. He tried to crouch down farther, but knew there was no hope for it.

“Please don’t be scared of me,” he said quietly, earnestly. His brown eyes remained fixed on the tiny aquatic woman’s shivering form. “I’m not dangerous. I’m just big.”

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A Chance Encounter (1/2)

( In reference to this post )

#12: “Please don’t be afraid of me. I’m not dangerous, I’m just big.” with Jacob Andris of Fairy Tales: Bowman of Wellwood.

Yep, that sounds like Jacob after he became friends with Bowman. He became very aware of how big and scary he could be, especially to the sprites.

This story is the first thing that came to me with that line. So, allow me to introduce the first glimpse of my water sprites!

Jacob almost had a crick in his neck from turning it this way and that as he walked. Usually, walking among nature relaxed him. However, the scenery around him drew his eyes in every direction, and it was due in large part to the slopes that angled around him. He was Midwestern, through and through, and the mountainous region of Colorado might never cease to amaze him.

Nature hikes through relatively flat forests were one thing. Adding mountains gave him an extra challenge and took his breath away in more ways than one. The views, when he could glimpse beyond the trees, were beautiful and unlike anything he’d seen before.

He couldn’t help but think that Bowman would love it. Continue reading “A Chance Encounter (1/2)”